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123ctp is probably the most versatile system to date for prepress departments, this unit will not experience a single moment of being idle. With the multiple application feature, you’ll see your return on investment a lot quicker than other prepress systems. With 123ctp, you begin saving from the very first day.

  • As well as conventional plates for processing, this system also gives you the option to make high-quality process less (dry plates), which can be placed directly onto the printing press.
  • The system is also a fully-fledged replacement for imagesetters. So, if you need classic films to use with other techniques such as screen printing, UV varnish finishing, pad printing or flexo. All the matrices you need can be done with the 123ctp system. Dedicated original Epson inks and a special film with a stable polyester base, allow you to obtain great mapped details, smooth tonal gradients and fine details. All at a quality that until now was reserved for laser systems only. An additional advantage of the film produced on the 123ctp system, is its total process less production. These films do not need to be developed and are ready for immediate use.
  • With 123Ctp, Aluminium plates and films are not all you can do. At the beginning of the design process, we set ourselves the task being absolutely versatile.

    This system can also print quality colour digital proofs. The machine has a roller supply with an automatic cutter. This set can become your new digital printing centre.

    Professional photographers can order enlargements, plus you can print on all coated media up to 1.5 mm thick, such as banners, adhesive films, backlite foils, canvas and various papers.

    If your client wants to order 10 A1-size posters, it’s no problem. A1-size printouts in full-colour speed mode, take only 28 seconds!!

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