Manufacturer: ECRM Mako
Model: CTP NEWSmatik
Year of manufacture: 2007
Press Location: Denmark
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Additional Machine Details: Can Be seen in production

INCA 70P processor
Laser was changed 3 years ago
Complete system with computer
60 broadsheet plates per hour at 1270 dpi.
8 resolutions from 1016 to 2540 dpi. Three anamorphic resolution sets available — 1016 x 2032, 1200 x 2400 and 1270 x 2540.
Accommodates the widest range of web widths up to a maximum format of 635mm x 927mm (25
ECRM’s patented FleXarm slip sheet removal system makes automation a realistic possibility for smaller and medium-sized printers.
High capacity casette: 340 plates - 8 gauge (0.2mm); 250 plates - 12 gauge (0.3mm) Standard cassette: 65 plates - 8 gauge (0.2mm); 58 plates - 12 gauge (0.3mm)
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