Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105-5 + L

Manufacturer: Heidelberg
Model: Speedmaster XL 105-5 + L
Colours: 5
Year of manufacture: 2010
Press Location: Germany
Impression Count (millions): 151
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details: Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105-5 + L (Ref.: 1000831)
Year: 2010
Sheet Counter: 151 Mio.
Colours: 5
Format: 75 x 105 cm
Prinect Inpress Control, Autoplate XL (simultaneous), Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system, CombiStar - Dampening solution conditioning + ink unit temperature control, Impression cylinder - chromed, Paper thickness presets , Blanket washing device - automatic, Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic, Ink-roller washing device - automatic, Sidelay control - electronic, Suction-tape feeder table, Extended delivery (X2), DryStar Coating - IR and hot air dryer, Alcosmart (alcohol measuring technology f IPA), Water cooled peripherals, Excluding chiller for periherals, AirStar - Central air supply cabinet, Compressed air supply, Hycolor Ink- and Dampening System, Preset Plus feeder, Preset feeder (autom. paper size setting), Preset Plus delivery
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Dealer’s Reference Number : 1000831

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