KBA Rapida RA105-6+L (CX)

Manufacturer: KBA
Model: Rapida RA105-6+L (CX)
Colours: 6
Year of manufacture: 2000
Special features: Computer Controls
Auto Plate Loading
Press Location: Europe
Sheet Size: B1 (100 cms/40")
Impression Count (millions): 108
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details: coater tower (chambered doctor blade system)
Colortronic Remote Control Ink Zones, as well lateral, circumferential and diagonal Register
Varidamp damping with circulation and refrigeration
Ink temperature control
PWHA semi-automatic plate change
6 x UV Interdeck dryers
1 x UV end dryer (water cooled)
Non-Stop feeder and delivery
extended high pile delivery
serial equipment
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Date Available : Immediately

Dealer’s Reference Number : 13270