KBA Rapida RA105-8+L SW

Manufacturer: KBA
Model: Rapida RA105-8+L SW
Colours: 8
Year of manufacture: 2003
Press Location: Europe
Sheet Size: B1 (100 cms/40")
Impression Count (millions): 150
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details: KBA Rapida 105-8 + L (Ref.: 1000814)
Year: 2003
Sheet Counter: 150 Mio.
Colours: 8
Format: 72 x 105 cm
Perfecting 8:0/4:4, Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system, Full automatic plate changer (FAPC) (PWVA), Colortronic remote controlled inking, Ergotronic console, ACR Control (video registersystem), Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic, Ink-roller washing device - automatic, Blanket washing device - automatic, Antistatic delivery (Kersten), Non-stop Delivery (Rollo), Non-stop feeder, IR and UV dryer, Interdeck dryer positions (1-8), Sidelay - pneumatic, Double sheet detection - electronic, Impression cylinder - chromed, Powder sprayer (Weko AP 230), Air cooled peripherals, UV interdeck dryer (X2), Varidamp dampening, CX Version (Board equipment)
Mechanical Condition:
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Dealer’s Reference Number : 1000814