Komori L-540SP

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Manufacturer: Komori
Model: L-540SP
Colours: 10
Year of manufacture: 2004
Special features: Perfecting
Press Location: United States
Machine Condition Options: Can be seen in production
Sheet Size: B1 (100 cms/40")
Impression Count (millions): 79
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details: • Model- L-540SP ... K-1
• Age- 12 years old
• Impressions- 79,460,000
• Specs- 10 Color Super Perfector, Rated for up to .20mm paper thickness
• Console Format- PDC-SII
• Preventative Maint.- Main motor rebuild October 2014
• Add on- Pierry Manufacturing Inc. Dryer
• Date Available for purchase/removal: September 15th
• Included with press: plate bender, plate lift, metal tables, paper stacker

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Mechanical Condition:
Offer Details

Dealer’s Reference Number : K-1

Date Available : Sold

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