Ryobi 754

Manufacturer: Ryobi
Model: 754
Colours: 4
Year of manufacture: 2003
Special features: Perfecting
Auto Plate Loading
Press Location: South Africa
Impression Count (millions): 68
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details: Additional Machine Details: RYOBI FOUR COLOUR PRESS PLUS COATER
Model: Ryobi 754
Age: 2003
Serial Number:
Circa 68mill impressions
Equipped with:
Dedicated Coating unit
Extended Delivery
Auto Blanket cleaning device
Auto impression cylinder cleaning device
Auto ink roller cleaning device
Ryobi PCS-H Printing Control System
Ryobi RPC Semi Auto plate changer
Ryobi program inking
Remote plate register control
Available immediately
Can be viewed in production
Free from damage to cylinders and gears
Mechanical Condition:
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Dealer’s Reference Number : 36929

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