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Category: Plate Processors

Machine Specification: 2 x G & J Quartz 125 III, 2006/2007 thermal plate processor incl. chiller online model, 125 cm input width refurbished, cleaned & checked

Category: CTP System

Machine Specification: The NewsWriter XL has same specs as the PlateWriter 8000. The format size will be able to do 8-up plates. Comes with Zitron Navigator RIP and possibly TIFF catcher. Sizes: Plate width 13.0 min. to...

Category: CTP System

Machine Specification: approx. 18 plates per hour with automatic plate feeding made of Magazin New exposure head in 2011 Azzura washer with turner approx. 40.000 plates Software: Apogee 5, Preps with PrinDrive