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Category: Miscellaneous Bookbinding and Finishing

Machine Specification: Unloader Capacity: 300kgs. Size: 1050x1450mm Pile height: 1800mm

Category: Palletisers/Bundlers

Machine Specification: Machine number: Nº 110/1625 For turning only (without airing) Carrying power: 1.000kg Platform width: 1250 mm Platform depth: 900 mm Max. pile height: 1.350mm Min. pile height: 390 mm

Category: Guillotines/Cutters

Machine Specification: Baumann BA 3 Unloader Year 2010 Sheet format max. [mm]* 800 x 1200 Pile height [mm] 1400 Ream weight [kg] 150 Pallet height min. [mm] 130

Category: Guillotines/Cutters

Category: Joggers

Machine Specification: Automatic jogger BAUMANN BSB 3/L N°211091 size 75x105 cm Blue model Airtable, Air-removing roller Opening at left side (Fold-down square) Pile height : 160mm 380V- 3 - 50Hz - 4,5 A. - 1,5 kVa

Category: Guillotines/Cutters

Machine Specification: Baumann jogger model BSB6/L with air removal roller. 1030x1430. Checked and cleaned.