Zircon Supra 660

Fabricant: Zircon
Modèle: Supra 660
Année de fabrication: 1990
Emplacement: Other
Plus de détails sur la machine:
Plus de détails sur la machine:: Zirkon Model Supra 660
4 color
Year: 1990
Cutoff: 452mm
Max speed: 42.000 p/h

(1) Enkel reel stand with reel travers
(1) Infeed with web guide control
(4) Zirkon printing-units with Baldwin alcohol damping and Baldwin blanketwashing
(1) Dryer MEG Sigma plus year: 1997
(1) Chillstand with webguide and silicon
(1) JIMEK Perforater unit
(1) superstructure with turnerbars and slitting knives
(2) Zirkon folders with one chopper folder and one double chopper
(1) Planatol gluing system even crossgluing
(1) Quadtech RGS 4 register controll
(1) Quadtech cutoff control
(2) Gammerler trimming RS 92
(2) Gammerler bumpturn
(1) IVT tempcontrol ink vibrator, chill roller, alcohol mixer
(1) IVT ink distrubition with 4 pumps for ink container connection
(2) Color Control console; remote ink
(1) Machine Controll console

1 plate bench and puncher

Printed perfect solids, was fully maintained ! High speed production!

Full documentation: electrical ,mechanical and other manuals!

A large amount of new spare parts and consumables.

Perfect for 8 page A4 or 16 page A5!
Single production or double production 4 page A4 or 8 page A5.

We can ship worldwide!
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