Kiefel KL 2 EH High speed vacuum thermoforming

Fabricant: Kiefel
Modèle: KL 2 EH High speed vacuum thermoforming
Année de fabrication: 1988
Emplacement: Netherlands
Plus de détails sur la machine:
Plus de détails sur la machine:: Technical Specifications:
Forming Area (Vxh):54x60,5
Material Thickness (Min): 0,25 mm
Material Thickness (Max): 1,80 mm
Number Of Stations: 3
Products Type: Container
Feeding Systems: Roll fed
Film reel diameter: 1000mm
Transport accuracy (measured at skeleton) : + - 0.2mm
Vacuum pump suction power: 200 m3/h
Connected electrical power 380V
Film level: 1300mm
Max speed: 3-8 cycle minute
Machine weight: 2600kg
Cutting force: 50.000 daN
Heating connected electric power : 6.4kW
Max heating plate temperature: 200 degrees C
Cooling capacity for heating: 15.000 kJ/h
Mounting height of tool to upper table max/min : 140/80mm
Mounting height of tool to lower table: 60mm

Total electric power with lower heating and cutting heating: 29 kW
Max diameter of waste reel (skeleton): 600mm
Machine weight: 6600 Kg

It is regularly maintained
This machine is designed for top and bottom moulds.
It just depends on whether it is a positive or negative mold.
In both cases it is possible.
Machine in very good condition
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État de la machine:
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  • Format du papier (cm):
  • 54X60.5
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