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Heidelberg PM GTO 52 1

Kategorie: Gebrauchte Bogenoffsetmaschinen
Hersteller: Heidelberg
Modellreihe: PM 52
Farben: 1
Jahr: 2000

Weitere Maschinendetails:

1-color offset press HEIDELBERG PRINTMASTER GTO 52-1+ of 2000
Ser no. 718.414, size 36x52 cm, 8000 sph,14,6 mios imps, KOMPAC III automatic dampening system, segmented ink blade

The Printmaster GTO 52 combines proven technology with high reliability in production and is therefore a press you can rely on. Its enhanced ease of operation and optimized ergonomic design make it the ideal gateway to high-quality professional offset printing. Typical print jobs include classical commercial work such as business stationery, brochures, leaflets, forms, postcards, greetings cards, dust covers, labels, etc
Single-sheet feeder with integrated pre-piling device - flexible and easy to configure
Printing unit - precise and long-lasting
High-volume inking unit with a storage capacity of 6.5 : 1 for maximum printable area
Delivery - with line powder spray device and delivery fans for safe sheet delivery Electropneumatic missing/misaligned sheet control
Electromechanical double-sheet detectors + ultrasonic double sheet detector
Push side lay16 rollers including ink fountain roller
Laser-slit knife-type ink fountain
Maximum lateral distribution 25 mm (1 in)
Manually selectable time for lateral distribution
Chromium-plated plate cylinder, undercut 0.03 mm (0.002 in)
Coarse circumferential register adjustment 50 mm forwards, 10 mm back
Coarse circumferential register adjustment 360
Fine circumferential register adjustment 2 mm ( 0.08 in)
Fine lateral register adjustment 2 mm ( 0.08 in)
Corrosion-protected blanket cylinder (undercut 3 mm (0.1 in))
Anodized impression cylinder with exchangeable cylinder jacket
Heidelberg quick register system
Transfer drums I and III with rough-chromium-plated, ink-repellent surface
Transfer drum II with starwheel rods and starwheels
Standard delivery with 2 gripper bars
Delivery drum with starwheels
Line powder spray device
Delivery fans
Printing Stock Thickness 0.03 - 0.4 mm (0.0012 - 0.016 in)
Max. sheet size360 x 520 mm (14.17 x 20.47 in)
Min. sheet size105 x 180 mm (4.13 x 7.09 in)
Max. print format 340 x 505 mm (13.39 x 19.88 in)
Gripper margin8 - 10 mm (0.32 - 0.39 in)
Plates: Length x width 400 x 510 mm (15.75 x 20.08 in) Thickness up to 0.15 mm (0.006 in)
Plate Cylinder Undercut 0.03 mm (0.0012 in)
Distance from leading edge of plate to start of printing 35 mm (1.4 in)
Blanket Cylinder Undercut 3.0 mm (0.12 in)
Length x width of blanket
445 x 520 mm (17.52 x 20.47 in)
Blanket thickness 1.9 mm (0.075 in)
Remote Register Adjustments
Circumferential register+/- 2 mm (+/- 0.079 in)
Lateral register+/- 2 mm (+/- 0.079 in)
Pile Heights Feeder 400 mm (15.75 in)
Standard delivery 400 mm (15.75 in)


Anzahl der Impressionen: 14 Millionen