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KBA Rapida 105-5+L CX ALV2 Hybrid

Kategorie: Gebrauchte Bogenoffsetmaschinen
Hersteller: KBA
Modellreihe: Rapida 105
Farben: 5
Jahr: 2006

Weitere Maschinendetails:

Hybrid equipment <> All print units prepared to install UV Interdeck dryer <> P-40 model <> Max speed 18,000 sh/h <> Raised press 450 mm <> Densitronic S measurement device <> Harris & Bruno coater with chamber doctor blades and Anilox roller <> IR/UV/Hot-air dryer in delivery <> 2 UV Interdeck dryers in unit 2 and 5 <> ACS Cleaning system <> Wash and Print system <> Vaccuum feeder <> ALV2 Extendend delivery <> Second washing circuit for Hybrid inks <> Second Circuit vaarnish UV Tresu <> Weko AP262 Ionomat powder sprayer <> Second circuit varnish for coating tower/inks UV <> Heating module varnish UV TRESU <> Combined IR-UV dryer hot air for extended exit <> Second washing circuit for hybrid inks <> Vacum feeder <> Delta Drive sistem for wetting <> Automatic diagonal register <> Automatic paper size adjustment from the control console <> Adjustment of the edges stack incoming <> Refrigeration sistem combined Technotrans group inking wetting including installation <> and signaling of: ph value/conductivity water/controlled by the control console <> Regulation the temperature of the inking unit <> Manual NON-stop incoming <> Automatic NON-STOP in the exit <> Kersten antistatic incoming/input,high performance version <> Blanket washing device,roller washer and wash impression cylinder Baldwin <> Gantry cloth wrap <> Control and adjustment phases sheet oblique <> Pneumatic fold plates <> Pneumatic punching plates <> VARIDAMP alcohol dampening <> Colortronic (Register, Dampening and Ink Remote System Control) <> Ergotronic <> ACR Control Video register <> FAPC automatic plate change <> Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device <> CX package for cardboard up to 1.2mm <> Non-stop feeder and delivery



Blattgröße: B1 (100 cms/40")
Anzahl der Impressionen: 32 Millionen
Referenznummer des Händlers: 333491