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Heidelberg SM102-6P23

Kategorie: Gebrauchte Bogenoffsetmaschinen
Hersteller: Heidelberg
Modellreihe: SM 102
Farben: 6
Jahr: 1998
Laga: Italy

Weitere Maschinendetails:

Dear Sirs,
We are pleased to offer you to our standard conditions of sale and delivery the following machine - subject to prior sale:

HEIDELBERG SM102-6P23 age 1998
Machine no. 540.559
Approx. 181 mill. impressions
Sheet-fed offset press - Printing units: 6
Perfecting 2/4 1/5 6/0
High pile delivery
Size 28 x 40 inch (720 x 1030 mm)
Technical features: x
Speed 15.000 sheet/h
Max paper size 720 x 1020 mm
Min paper size 280 x 420 mm
Thickness 0,04-0,6 mm
Print area 700 x 1020 mm
Plate 790 x 1030 mm Thickness 0,30 mm
Blancket 1045 x 790 mm Thickness 1,90 mm
L. 12,0 mt.
P. 3,0 mt.
H. 2,1 mt.
Power Kw 80 (without dryer)
Weight 39.500 Kg.circa
Accessories included:
- Fully equipped
- Steel plate on feeder and delivery with ramp (for plastic or wooden pallets)
- Stream feeder with belt
- Electronic double sheet detectionX
- Electrome807F6CA0D2 E06DAAC3829DD98F95C7E9chanic double sheet detection
- Electronic side lay control, fotoelectronic and akustic
- Anti-static on feeder and delivery
- Alcolor continuous dampening system with Technotrans's alcohol metering; cooling and re-circulation unit system
- Preset (autom. paper size and thickness setting)
- CPT - CPC1.04 control and diagnosis; self diagnostic;Remote inking; dampening; axial, circumferential and diagonal register control with light pen; day light illuminator and cassette or memory card for job memories
- Programmable automatic blanket cylinders
- Programmable automatic rollers wash up
- Autoplate (semi automatic plate loader) with Bacher Control 2000 register system
- Perfecting device 2/4 1/5 6/0
- IR dryer
- Powder sprayer device
- High pile delivery
- Automatic sheet de-curler
- Oil drip pan, Tools, Documentations
- Complete with all standard parts and accessories

Conditions: machine with no damage and good working order
Availability: immediately
Visible: The machine can be inspected in production. North Italy
Video available:

All machines are offered in Euros and are subject remaining unsold.
For further information don’t hesitate to contact us.



Blattgröße: 720 X 1020 mm
Anzahl der Impressionen: 181 Millionen
Hat perfektionieren: Ja
Perfektor Position: 2+4 - 1+5
Referenznummer des Händlers: HDSM102-6P2398

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