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2005 Komori Lithrone LS640 + CX - 4045 Series

Kategorie: Gebrauchte Bogenoffsetmaschinen
Hersteller: Komori
Modellreihe: Lithrone L-40/LS-40/GL-40/GS-40
Farben: 6
Jahr: 2005
Laga: United States

Weitere Maschinendetails:

4045 Series
Dedicated Tower Coater with extended delivery.
Harris & Bruno Anilox Coating System - (Two New Anilox Rollers 8.5bcm and 11bcm)
PQC console, PDC-S Scanner and KMS-IV Komori Management System
Fully automatic Plate Changer, Auto 2-step Ink Roller Washer, Auto Blanket Washer and Auto Impression Cylinder Cleaner
Komorimatic Dampening - with Delta Effect
AMR for full paper presets - size and thickness (prints very thin stock up to 40pt)
Pierry IR Drying Systems
Wekco Sprayers
AWS Chiller with FloClear Filtration System
EXTRAS: - Attachment for press to allow for: scoring, perfing and easy Die-Cuts.
NOTE: NEW in 2019 - New Compressor on chiller (more efficient), Rebuilt DC Main Motor, All New Rollers, New Hard drive with double the RAM installed in console computer. Extra back-up computer included.



Blattgröße: B1 (100 cms/40")
Anzahl der Impressionen: 89 Millionen
Coater: Ja
Preis: $550,000.00
Referenznummer des Händlers: Sale by Owner - Commercial Printer