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Planeta P 67 3 Super Variant CX Hybrid

Kategorie: Gebrauchte Bogenoffsetmaschinen
Hersteller: Planeta
Modellreihe: Super Variant
Farben: 6
Jahr: 1982
Laga: Europe

Weitere Maschinendetails:

Model P 67 Super Variant Hybrid (UV+IR) Elevated press 620 mm 5 Colour + one conventional color adapted for varnish 6 printing units (Sixth Unit Converted to Coater with Anilox) The press can print from 0,6 to 1,65 mm. For its age the press is in a good mantainence conditions. Manual control for ink key and registers Sheet control system lost during printing with localization of printing unit Automatic grease lubrification side A (trasmission) Program to block the press and find a secure cover are open Special device with 2 sensor in feeder to minimize the format down to 550 x 650 mm Elevated - Raised press 650 mm Cardbaord device to print FROM 0,6 up to 1.65 mm Pile height introductor tE543CB26BC 4191D7F05119B58BAFF96Bill 1850 mm Grafitec ink remote control new in 2017 Eltosch 3 lamps IR + 3 lamps UVI of 120 W/cm in delivery Mixed Rollers for convetional print and UVI Main Motor 75 Kw with variador Power Flex 755 new in 2000 Nonstop automatic device in delivery Books, tools, manuals and diagrams Machine is under internal anual maintanance program Electronic double sheet control Quick action plate clamps VARIDAMP alcohol dampening Cardboard device Refrigeration + Re-circulation WEKO AP 260 sprayer BALDWIN blanket wash-up device


Anzahl der Impressionen: 165 Millionen

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