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1999 Drent Vision 520

Kategorie: Labels and Forms
Hersteller: Drent
Modell: Vision 520
Jahr: 1999
Laga: United States

Weitere Maschinendetails:

1999 Drent Vision 20.5 (520mm)Width (10) Unit Variable Cutoff UV Press Cutoff : 22" ( 560mm) cutoff & 17" (432mm)Press line configuration (All components listed included as press package)
•(1)Martin Automatic splicer (2,200# capacity) 50" Roll Diameter•(1)Infeed unit with integrated E&L steering box and Kelva web cleaner•(10) Drent Vision UV Print Units with Prime UV Curing•(1)QTI RGS scanner stand•(1)Trim cabinet•(1)E&L web aligner/steering box•(1)Die cut unit•(1)Confection unit/Perf cabinet.•(1)Fan fold unit ( capable of running roll to roll) •Range of Products - 40# offset-10PT Cover
Inserts included with press package.
•(10) 17” print inserts•(10) 22” print inserts•(2) 17” perf heads•(2) 22” perf heads•One insert carriage for the Mag cylinders which would include (1) 17” mag cylinder and (1) 22” mag cylinder.(Die cutting/perfing)
1999 Drent Vision 20.5 (520mm) Width (10 Unit Variable Cutoff UV Press
Auxiliary equipment and other items.
•(1) Micro Color ink console•(1) Drent Vision operator console•(1) QTI PPC 300X cutoff control system•(1) QTI color registration system•AWS Vibra-Pac system•IST UV lamp control and power station including 6 moveablelamp assemblies-Liquid Cooled•Insert cart•(1) 11 position insert rack and (1) 9 position insert rack•(FAA37BBD04 FFD60101A4C1E2060083996) unit wash up trays•(2) Martin roll shafts


Referenznummer des Händlers: 20-5159

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