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Horizon HT 30C

Kategorie: Dreischneider
Hersteller: Horizon
Modell: HT 30
Jahr: 2017
Laga: United Kingdom

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We are pleased to offer:

Horizon HT – 30C
Innovative Three-side Trimmer – The new HT-30C three-side trimmer trims three sides of a book with a single knife. A pressure clamp holds and rotates the books for sequential top, fore-edge, and bottom trimming.
Robotic Trimming – The operator simply inputs untrimmed and trimmed book size at the color touchscreen. The HT-30C then performs all necessary setups automatically, and transports and trims each book.
Highly Accurate Finishing – Precise servo motors are employed for knife positioning to insure high-quality trimming. The servo-controlled hydraulic unit 423816027E 571C7CF6A4F15C8914016Aadjusts pressure automatically for markless trimming.
Nonstop Trimming – If the book dimensions are same, the HT-30C can trim books of different thickness continuously. Maximum trim thickness is 51 mm (2.0”).
Powerful Trimming – Knife operation and book clamping are hydraulically controlled for safe and powerful trimming.
Immaculate condition
Located in the UK
Test possible

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