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ILLIG RVP 54 Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine

Kategorie: Converting Equipment
Hersteller: ILLIG
Modell: RVP 54
Jahr: 1982

Weitere Maschinendetails:

automatic roll-fed Vacuum-pressure former for roll material,
with two movable tool tables and chained hole punch station,
used for Pos./Neg.-forming
form surface max. 500 X 380 mm
maximum film width 540 mm
maximum drawing depth 100 mm positiv, 100 mm negativ
Building Year 1982
? electronically Position adjustment
? lower heating with longitudinal row control over Pilot heater element.
? strips Transport
? material unreeling over motor
? mechanical brake
? rest material up reeling
? Vacuum/pressure- forming alternately upper/lower table
? Automatic central lubrication with Hand pump.
? upper and lower clamping frame automatically
? Machine is completely clean everything proofed, function
? proofed with a dry test running.
? Concatenates with Illig punch


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