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Manroland Rekord RFK 3 B + L

Kategorie: Gebrauchte Bogenoffsetmaschinen
Hersteller: Manroland
Modellreihe: Rekord
Farben: 5
Jahr: 1991
Laga: Italy

Weitere Maschinendetails:

-Five colours plus coater, max paper size 72x102 cms. , straight machine
-Year 1991, 117 mil. copies
-RCI 2 table control for inks and plates registers
-Baldwin automatic blanket washers, Quick action plate clamps
-Coater unit , IR dryer
-Rolandmatic dampening with new Aquapress refrigeration system
-Airdrums, air suction feed table
-Pneumatic sidelays with electronic control, Non stop feeder
-Plate punch, all manuals
-Set of spare rollers and many accessories, NO damages
-All chromed cylinders, steel plate in feeder and delivery, double sheet control
-In production with very high quality jobs, any print test possible, perfectly maintained
-Available: March 2020



Blattgröße: B1 (100 cms/40")
Anzahl der Impressionen: 117 Millionen
Coater: Ja
Preis: €35000,00