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Renz SU 500

Kategorie: Kalenderproduktion
Hersteller: Renz
Modell: SU 500
Jahr: 1989
Laga: Germany

Weitere Maschinendetails:

Punching machine RENZ SUPER 500
Y/M: 1989; size max: 500 mm
– Model: SU-500
– Volts: 220
– Phase: 3
– table width: 55 cm
– working height: 80 cm
– dimension (LxWxH) 95x80x95 cm
– weight: 305 kg
– working width: 50 cm
– books and tools.

very good working condition.
Delivery time: immediately. on our stock

Changing of dies is quick and easy.
This Renz Super 500 is a heavy duty machine rated forB1DAE760B3 374999EEAA93D57819AEEA continuous punching of paper, cardboard, and plastics. Punching width up to 20?.
Easily operated by a foot switch. Can be operated while sitting or standing.
Vertical paper insertion guarantees punching accuracy. Natural feeding motion with good ergonomic design produces output that is unmatched by any other manually fed punch.
The open ended construcion makes punching of double-length formats possible.
Besides the extremely high punching capacity, another big advantage of the RENZ Super 500 is that the punching dies of most competitive manufacturers can be used by changing the mounting adapter.


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