Benutzte Druckvorstufe & ImageControl Maschinen

HEIDELBERG Suprasetter 105/31 PPH CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
MCL Loader Multi Cassette Loader, No. 4 laser heads, 2 pairs of puch modules HD + Bacher 425 & 780 mm, 160 mL laser power
Glunz & Jensen C85 Platten entwickler
Kategorie: Platten entwickler
Glunz & Jensen C85 wash/gum unit, 2008 for AGFA Azura TS or other chem-free plates 85 cm input width online model cleaned, maintained & tested All offers subject to prior sale
Heidelberg SUPERSETTER A75 ATL CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg Supersetter A75-ATL, GEN. III, first installed in 2012 Auto Toploader with two cassettes (two formats) online bridge to PST26 plate stacker internal Bacher 425 mm punch 1...
AGFA/Glunz & Jensen Elantrix HX85/G & J Quartz 85III CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
AGFA Elantrix HX85 (G & J Quartz 85III), 2011 plate processor for thermal metal plates online model, 85 cm input width, incl. chiller cleaned, refurbished & checked
2010  Glunz & Jensen Platewriter 2000 CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
Been using this CTP for the last 4 years and it's been a great machine. I'm no longer printing and have now put it up for sale. Can be used on metal or plastic plates great for 4 colour wor...
Screen PF-R 3051 Vi - Violet CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
We are pleased to offer: Screen CTP PF-R3051V Year: 2003 FORMAT B2 Plates 520 x 720 mm Blue amber processer 2- up Violet CTP Screen harlequin with Stacker Priority Model Spider 4 Pag...
Esko CtP DPX-System CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
Reference Num.: 3587 Brand: Esko Type: CtP DPX-System Construction year: 2006 Available: directly Status: In production Location: Germany
Screen PF-R 3051 Vi - violet CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
2005 Screen PF R3051 VI Computer to plate system MG number 68 2005 IGP PSBP66 – MB3 in line plate processor Serial number 05-1201 (1003) 2005 Priority Spider 4 page stacker Serial n...
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
New System digital printing CTF Professional films Plate exposure screen printing film , flexography plate Transfer to textiles A3+ size colors addressed by GutenBerg RIP 4 (...
Heidelberg Suprasetter 74  CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
CTP Heidelberg Suprasetter 74, Year 2006 only approx. 25.000 Exposures Workflow and RIP with Epson Stylus Pro 7880 Glunz & Jensen Clean-out unit C 85 Available: at short term
Heidelberg SupraSetter A74 ATL CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
CtP Heidelberg Suprasetter A74 ATL Y/M: 2007, 68.322 plates – Auto Loader ATL – thermal laser head 64 dioden, 830 nm, – Meta Shooter on PC, – PRINECT Heidelberg 2012 + Signastation...
Screen PlateRite 8600S CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
CtP Screen Platerite PT-R 8600 S Y/M 2006, max. plate size 1160 x 940, min. plate size 450 x 370, – Multi Auto Loader with 4 Cassettes, – 64-Laser dioses, thermal laser 830 nm – Scr...
PARKER  Plum  Kontaktgeräte
Kategorie: Kontaktgeräte
Screen PT-R4300S CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
Screen PT-R4300S - Clamp cycles: 11.182 (Max before change: 20.000) - Number of plates exposed: 49.750 - All laser diodes ok - Max. plate size: 830 x 660 mm (32.6" x 25.9") - Min plate...
Screen/AGFA Avalon N4/PT-R4300S CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
AGFA Avalon N4 (Screen PT-R4300S), 2011 Bacher 425 mm internal punch SA-L Single Autoloader (L100) 32 diodes to expose thermal metal plates up to 21 plates/h in SM74-Format approx. 120....
Screen/AGFA Avalon N8-52/PT-R8800III CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
AGFA Avalon N8-52 (PT-R8800III), 2010 manual loading 1 x GLW Laserhead to expose thermal plates approx. 178.000 plates exposed, up to 32 plates/h, AGFA Elantrix HX125 (G & J Quartz 125I...
Heidelberg Suprasetter A 75 CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg A 75 Year 2009 Fully automatic production with Multi Cassette Loader 2008 Complete Heidelberg workflow Min size, 370 x 323 mm Max size, 688 x 750 m...
Speedsetter VM 4 CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
CTP system Speedsetter VM 4 Proteck Ruby processor Year 2009 Rip IT with Computer Complet system Format 50 X 70 plates Basic technology: Internal Drum Plate...
Heidelberg Suprasetter 105 2007 Fast model 30 p/h 2007  laser IN GOOD CONDITION  CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
Can be seen in Production in Denmark until 16-11 Machine has 6 lasers and is very fast 30 plats p/h lasers is Gen ll Laser has 3000-5000 Hours min 50 % life time left !
Kodak Magnus 400 CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
with bridge, Prinergy Evo Rip & Stacato Raster approx. 60.000 plates - thermal Laser 830nm - resolution 2400 dpi - min. size 228 x 311 mm - max. size 680 x 750 mm...
CTP Screen PT-R 4100 CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
CtP Screen PT-R 4100, Year 2003 Counter : ONLY 137000 Plates - Exposure time : 10146 Hours 4-up Thermal PlateSetter - 16 channel infrared laser diodes Resolution: 2400 dpi Plate size: Mi...
Sack LCX Film entwickler
Kategorie: Film entwickler
Reference Num.: 3375 Brand: Sack Type: LCX Available: directly Status: In production Location: Germany
Heidelberg Suprasetter A52 CTP-Systems
Kategorie: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg Suprasetter A52 year 2007 Platecounter approx. 45.000 - Prinect MetaDimension 2011 - Rip Dongle Computer - Platestacker