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Stork SPG Siebdruck
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98 pieces rings (24 " 25") 3 pcs black barrel for chemistry 1x automatic washer 1x hand washer (800PP0453) 1x table for laminating and gluing 1x imagesetter (800PP0011) 1x oven for drying (8...
Sakurai SC112AII Siebdruck
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44x31 inch Cylinder screen press, great for UV spot coating. Suction pile feeder, two lamp SPE UV curing system with air cooling, push & pull guides. $25,500 USD Ref. #88138 Graphtek Ser...
Sakurai SAkurai SC 112ALL Siebdruck
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1) 2011 - FULLY AUTOMATIC CYLINDER SCREEN PRINTING PRESS Overview: The new Sakurai SC 112AII is a full automatic cylinder screen printing press which enables to print variety kinds o...