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Challenge 305 CDC Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
Challange 305 CDC Paper Cutter 305 Cutter Specs: Maximum Cutting Width 30-1/2” / 77.5 cm Minimum Cut: without false clamp plate 3/4” / 19 mm Maximum Cut Depth 30-1/2” / 77.5 cm Clamp Op...
Palamides Alpha500 M-122-08 Bindemaschine
Kategorie: Bindemaschine
2008 Palamides Alpha500 M-122-08 Palamides will help speed up production to boost profits. Palamides Specs: Sheet size min : 80 x 95 cm Performance : 900 stack/h Infeed height max 160 m...
Polar TR 3 BL 185-6  Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
Polar TR 3 BL 185-6 Automatic Loader Year 1993
Polar TR 1 ER 185 - 6 Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
Polar TR 1 ER 185 - 6 Automatic unloading Year 1996 format 145 X 105 cm
DGR E01 and F03 casing in line Hardcover Buchproduktion
Kategorie: Hardcover Buchproduktion
DGR casing-in line Equipped with DGR E01 casing-in machine: - in-feed - case magazine - glue-tanks and glue-rollers - paternoster system - pressing device transport into DGR joint...
Polar 78 ES Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
Digital program Air table 2 Side tables Light guards 2 Knives Complete cleaned, checked and tested
Müller Martini Corona CC12 Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
Spine Glue Tank to suit Muller Martini Corona CC12
Müller Martini Panda 1531 Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
10 collating pockets, cover pile feeder, Delta trimmer with Muller stacker, waste removal on trimmer, reject gate before trimmer. $21,000 USD Ref. #91042 Graphtek Services, Inc. 1-412-3...
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
1. Station: 4 Buckles (BUH-82) 2. Station: 4 Buckles (BUH-66) MBO Knife Unit Z2 Horizontal Stack Delivery SBP46 Roundpilefeeder
Stahl ST 100 Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
Kategorie: Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
6 feeders ( 3 x twin feeder DVA 100 ) Hand-feeding station Cover feeder UFA 100 Stitcher HS 100 with 2 loop stitchers and 2 standard stitchers Trimmer TR 100 with center-cut for 2-up p...
MB Bäuerle Multimaster CAS-52/4/4 Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
Pile feeder – separating head 1st unit : 4 motorized buckles 2nd unit : 4 motorized buckles Noise hood Batch counter Belt delivery Pump
Horizon AFC 546 AKT Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
Touch-and-work technology Flat pile feeder 6 buckle plates Automatic settings 1 x knife Noise reduction hoods Delivery PST 40 with pressing Compressor KLT 40
HEIDELBERG TD 78/442 Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
Folding Machine: - pallet feeder PD-78-T - combination buckle plate with motor-driven stop adjustment in the 1. and 2. folding section - noise reduction hoods - STAHL horizontal stac...
MÜLLER MARTINI VENTURA 3215 Hardcover Buchblockherstellung / Nähen
Kategorie: Hardcover Buchblockherstellung / Nähen
Thread Sewing Machine: - feeder with magazine - opening system 4+4 - commander with touch screen - book block stacker with roll conveyor to the right
Müller Martini CB 16 stacker Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
In-line stacker for perfect binding 18,000 per hour Size: max 450 x 340 mm Size: min 140 x 100 mm Product thickness: max 70 mm Product thickness: min 3 mm Infeed height: max 890 mm In...
Hard cover case maker Case Production
Kategorie: Case Production
Hard cover case maker making table The machine is equipped with: – gluing device for applying glue onto the top of the sheet – table with a suction – guides fixing the veneer and cardb...

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