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Soag  T 4060  Automatic Heavy Duty Papierbohren & Stanzen
Kategorie: Papierbohren & Stanzen
We are pleased to offer: Soag Automatic Heavy Duty Paper Drill. Automatic heavy duty paper drill. Will drill up to 22 positions. Soag Auto drill Motor stop start Size of workable tabl...
AIME AV 25 Automatic Wrapper Poststelleneinrichtung
Kategorie: Poststelleneinrichtung
We are pleased to offer: AIME AV 25 Automatic Wrapper Direct Mail Poly Wrapping System: 1x SF 23 Main Shuttle feed 1x AP 35 Fist Page Opener 1x AP 36 Vacuum Under Page opener 1 x A...
Heidelberg Stahl KC78 4KZ R-RC Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
We are pleased to offer: Heidelberg/Stahl KC78 4KZ R- RC Folding Machine, Year 1990 Machine Number: 32249, Serial Number: 127100. 32 Page with Electronic Knife, Continuous Feeder, Noise...
Perfecta SDY-EZ, 3 Knife Trimmer Dreischneider
Kategorie: Dreischneider
We are pleased to offer: Perfecta SDY-EZ, 3 Knife Trimmer. Year 1987. Serial Number: 42446 Minimum cutting size: 110 x 110 mm Maximum cutting size: 250 x 330 mm speed 9 000 pc/h. 3...
Beck Multiplex MP 240 + HV601 Packing machines
Kategorie: Packing machines
Beck MP 240 + HV 601 foil packaging machine Year 2000 including delivery
Polar 137 MON Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
Polar 137 MON 1986 year s/n 5641324 in operating
MBO Z5 Mobile Knife Folding Unit Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
We are pleased to offer: MBO Z5 Mobile Knife Folding Unit Can be pivoted by 180 - folding both from top and bottom - can be used for various application purposes. Infeed width: Min. 2...
Optimax EXC 103 TB Semi-Automatic Case Taper Packing machines
Kategorie: Packing machines
We are pleased to offer: Optimax EXC 103TB Semi-Automatic Case Taper Year 2018 Internal Dimensions: 120mm deep, 150mm wide, 120mm high External Dimensions: 500mm wide, 500mm high Carto...
Heidelberg STAHL TH82 4/4/2 Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
HEIDELBERG STAHL TH82 4/4/2 Year: 2006 16 Page Folding Machine, Pallet Feeder with Tremat, Digital Control Unit, 1st Unit 4 Parallel Plates with Slitting and Scoring Shafts, Mobile 2n...
Polar 78 E Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
Three knives, Vibrating table Polar RAL4
 Muller Martini  CORONA CC12 Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
Ref:10262 . 2002 Muller Martini ‘Corona CC-12’ High Speed Perfect Binder. Comprising: 21 x 3695/24" Top-loading feeders with ASAC _ hand feed statio...
Lamtex T1 76 Finishing
Kategorie: Finishing
We are pleased to offer: Lamtex TI 76 Year 2001 Single Side Lamination Maximum Sheet Size: 1020 x 720 mm - 40 x 28.5 inches Maximum Sheet Length 250 mm Maximum Sheet Weight 450g/m2 M...
Kolbus KM 472 Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
Basic machine, block feeder, hand in feed, end sheet feeder, cold glue spine glueing, hotmelt side glueing, gauzing station, 1st pressing unit, Himmel high frequency, 2nd pressing unit, 28 c...
Guk lifter Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
offer consists of: - GUK lifter We can also organize the following for you: packaging, loading, transport ( by ship or plane) including customs
Horizon AFC-566FKT Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
2007 - Horizon AFC-566F (Ref.No. 1005132) Delivery: Sofort Equipment: - Small format device - Stream delivery with press station PST-40 -...
Palamides Alpha 700 Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
2010 - Palamides Alpha 700 (Ref.No. 1005140) Delivery: Immediately
Palamides Alpha 500 Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
2005 - Palamides Alpha 500 (Ref.No. 1005142) Delivery:Immediately

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