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Müller Martini Presto- 6 Pockets Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
Kategorie: Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
2006 Muller Martini Presto 6-Pocket Saddlestitcher Line (6) 1551 Pockets 1528 Cover Feeder Around 3900 Total Hours Hand Feed Station 1522 Trimmer 1564 Conveyor 9 Stitch Heads 2 Vacu...
2006 HORIZON AFC-544 AKTSC Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
Specification: - 4 Buckles + Fold Knife + 2 Buckles Below - Automatic Set Up - 100 Jobs Job Memory - 17 Automatic Set Up Fold Patterns - Max Sheet 540mm x 750mm - Min Sheet 128mm x 148...
Wohlenberg Trim Tec 60i Dreischneider
Kategorie: Dreischneider
Wohlenberg Trim Tec 60i three knife trimmer, equipped with touchscreen display, delivery belt, various cutting cassettes and 2 sets of knives. Technical details Mech. speed 1000-3600 cyc...
HEIDELBERG   STITCHMASTER ST350 Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
Kategorie: Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
2 x TAL Horizontal Feeders, 4 x TAS Vertical Feeders, 1 x UFA Cover Feeder, 1 x HS350 Stitching Unit, 1 x TR350 Thee Knife Trimmer, Rima RS1012S Stacker Air Pumps, Specif...
Heidelberg KH78-4 KTL  Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
Muller Martini Diamant 30 Hardcover Buchproduktion
Kategorie: Hardcover Buchproduktion
Commander makeready system with touch screen Automatic setting Book block infeed Pre-heater Rounding and backing station Gluing unit head and tail banding casing-in case pre-stacking...
2006 SCHNEIDER SENATOR 115H  Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
2006 SCHNEIDER SENATOR 115H Computer Programme + TV Monitor, Air Bed, Light Guard, Spare Knife, Pile Lift, Air Jogger G10301
 DUPLO  SYSTEM 5000 Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
Kategorie: Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
Ref:10055 . 2006 Duplo 5000 System. Quick make-ready vertical sheet collator for any digital print operation. With in-line booklet maker. Comprising:- DC60/10 PRO – 10 bin tower c...
Polar 137AT-XT 52" Guillotine Cutter with Auto-Trim Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
Polar Cutting System with Polar 137AT-XT 52" Guillotine Cutter with Auto-Trim, Light Safety Bars, Knorr L-10002200# Lift, S/N 6652052, with auto-lift, Knorr RLR-A3 Tilt/Jogger with air rollo...
Polar 115 XT Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
program w. touch screen display, photo cells, air table, side tables, one extra knife, books & tools
Polar 115 X Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
Steel side table with air, safety zone.
Polar 137 XT Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
Cleaned and checked LW 1000-4 Pile lift Jogger RA 4 Light beam guard
Kolbus DA 260 casemaker Case production
Kategorie: Case production
40 cycles/min Board Centre Strip Quarter bound device small format device large size attachment Viscosity control device
Kategorie: Finishing
102 x 142 cm, Mabeg pile suction feeder, rotary hot knife, Mirus fully automatic stacker with blow-down system, powder spray removal device, sheet weight 100 – 600 gsm, speed up to 80 m/...
KOLBUS KM 470 perfect binding line Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
20 stations gatherer model ZU 804, optical signature control system, reject gate for incomplete products: ZA, book block infeed conveyor, exchangeable hotmelt spine gluing unit, exchangeable...
Busch waste conveyor belt SF 110/25-120 Wire-O und Spiralbindung
Kategorie: Wire-O und Spiralbindung
Busch waste conveyor belt for use with guillotines Conveying height 1100 mm Transport length 1200 mm Width of conveyor belt 250 mm
Muller Martini Acoro A5  Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
The Muller Martini Acoro A5 Perfect Binder is an ideal solution for binderies which need the flexibility to run multiple job sizes requiring frequent change overs. Automatic Make Ready Syste...
Muller Martini Presto  Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
Kategorie: Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
Muller Martini Presto Year 2006 6 x 1551 Feeders 1528 Cover Feeder 1550 Stitching Unit 1522 Trimmer Shingle Belt Delivery
ROPI X-TEC 640 Zubehör
Kategorie: Zubehör
Universal Gluing Machine: - friction feeder - nozzle gluing system with premelter HHS Promelt - delivery conveyor
Duplo PD223  Papierbohren & Stanzen
Kategorie: Papierbohren & Stanzen
We are pleased to offer: 2006 Duplo PFI Twin Spindle Power Stroke Drill Model PD223 2 Headed Paper Drill Good condition. Full and Complete. Available Immediately. Located...
Muller Martini 3501 Book Saw Broschürenfertigungssysteme
Kategorie: Broschürenfertigungssysteme
We are pleased to offer: In or off-line machine especially suited to splitting of perfect bound books when in double production format. Comprising; Infeed conveyors including telescopic...
Horizon VAC-100m Zusammentragmaschinen
Kategorie: Zusammentragmaschinen
3 MONTHS LA-POSTPRESS WARRANTY except electronics offer consists of: - air suction collator VAC-100m Horizon VAC-100m air-suction collator - technology: touch & work - model:...
Heideberg Stahlfolder TH56/6 section folder - 2006 Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
Flat pile feeder with tremat suction 6 buckle plates SAK stream delivery