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Müller Martini Ventura MC 200 Hardcover Buchblockherstellung / Nähen
Kategorie: Hardcover Buchblockherstellung / Nähen
Type: Ventura MC 200 Control device: Commander Control with Touch-Screen MM Vision Control 4 + 4 opening possibilities Automatic Size setting at Feeder Automatic Size setting in de...
Kolbus KM 610.A Hardcover Buchproduktion
Kategorie: Hardcover Buchproduktion
Type: ZU 832.A Gathering stations: 18x Year: 2018 Hand feeding station ATC (automatic sheet thickness control) Reject Unit: AS 842.A Sheet recognition system Picture and text...
Müller Martini Diamant MC 60 Hardcover Buchproduktion
Kategorie: Hardcover Buchproduktion
Type: Solema Fastbook with Autoload Year: 2018 Type: Muller Martini Ribbon Year: 2018 AMRYS - Automatic Make Ready System Ribbon separator Belt with rolling knife edge for gentle...
CH78 6KTL Folding Machine Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
Pallet feeder PFH78 MCT digital control BUH 78-6 buckle plates 2 Knives Side pocket Stream delivery SAL66 Optional: Heidelberg Twin stacker delivery TSH50 Gate fold attachment
HPM M15 92 cm Schneidemaschinen
Kategorie: Schneidemaschinen
The up-to-date 15.6" Widescreen LCD, full touch screen; Siemens PLC control. Eight languages to choose. Metric system and British system two units, shows the size front of knife and b...