Benutzte Karton / Verpackung Maschinen

Nikko JY 106 E Flachbettstanzmaschinen
Kategorie: Flachbettstanzmaschinen
NIKKO JY YOCO 106E DIECUTTING AND HOT FOIL STAMPING 2012 Nr 12-12-9 Only 16.6 Mil. Cutts. Stripping 2 frames 1 MM plate, Center line Nonstop in delivery Very good condition Pr...
MBO ZSF-66 Folder Gluers
Kategorie: Folder Gluers
* MBO ZSF-66, Year 2006 Thread Sealing machine Max. Size : 66 x 66 cm (25 x 25 inch) Fold system after sealing Machine is Checked and Cleaned Excellent condition
Kategorie: Laminier und Kaschiermaschinen
Continuous Top Loading Feeder, Thermal Laminator, Sheeter, Jogger Delivery
1976 Bobst FARMA 36 Faltschachtelklebemaschine
Kategorie: Faltschachtelklebemaschine
- Condition: functional - Year of manufacture: 1976 - Price: 15.999 EUR - Last used: in function - Possibility of performing tests: yes - Format: max. 36cm - Gluing: 1 point
KECK SF 80 Rigid Box Machinery
Kategorie: Rigid Box Machinery
KECK-SF-80 8/2019 up to 20.000 boxes/hour, SK-5-F precision-stencil- gluing-unit and takt- feeder, solid or corrugated board 150-600 gramms.
Heidelberg S Cylinder Converting Equipment
Kategorie: Converting Equipment
Converted for Cutting & Creasing Heidelberg Suction Feeder Swing Transfer Grippers System Large Type Bed with easily access to Form; Gear Rack for Synchronising Movement of Bed Chain De...
Heidelberg SBG Automatic Foiler Converting Equipment
Kategorie: Converting Equipment
Converted for Hot Foil Stamping Letterpress Hot Foiling Attachment 2 Heated Zones Central Control Console Heidelberg Suction Feeder Swing Transfer Grippers System Large Type Bed with e...
Anter 750 Faltschachtelklebemaschine
Kategorie: Faltschachtelklebemaschine
For the manufacture of cut and creased carton board from 200 to 600 gr/m2, Complete with all furniture for the following functions; Straight Line, Crashlock, 4 and 6 Corner, Pafra Glue Syste...
Heidelberg SB Hot Foil Stamping
Kategorie: Hot Foil Stamping
Omega INTRO 80 Faltschachtelklebemaschine
Kategorie: Faltschachtelklebemaschine
3 point glueing Remote control HHS Quality Control System (value: 30.000 Euro) HHS Glue Spray (value: 15.000 Euro) Can be seen in our warehouse Excellent condition Availabl...
Shin Chyi film laminator Laminier und Kaschiermaschinen
Kategorie: Laminier und Kaschiermaschinen
WaterBase Solution Preloader Autofeeder Chain Knife Sheeter
Atlas CSE-620R Slitter Rewinders
Kategorie: Slitter Rewinders
Atlas CSE-620 R Slitter rewinder Max web width: 1430 mm Material: 50 – 250 gsm Max unwind diametar: 1200 mm Unwind core: 150 mm Edge guide movement: +/- 50 mm Maximum reind...
Kama ProCut 76 Flachbettstanzmaschinen
Kategorie: Flachbettstanzmaschinen
30 inch diecutting & embossing machine, auto feed with Heidelberg feeder, 2 diecut chases, 1 honeycomb chase, stripping and blanking unit. $Contact us. Ref. #89512 WATCH THE VIDEO at h...
2008 AUTOBOND MINI 52TP DOUBLE SIDED LAMINATOR  Laminier und Kaschiermaschinen
Kategorie: Laminier und Kaschiermaschinen
2008 AUTOBOND MINI 52TP DOUBLE SIDED LAMINATOR Continuous Top Loading Feeder, Thermal Double Sided Laminator, Sheeter, Jogger Delivery G10413
Bobst Media 45 II Folder Gluers
Kategorie: Folder Gluers
Bobst Media 45 II, Year 2002 Folder Gluer machine for straight line Width: maxi 48 cm - mini 8,6 cm Length: maxi 50 cm - mini 6 cm Maxi Thickness of folded box: 8 mm Solid board: from 1...
Kategorie: Faltschachtelklebemaschine
Straight Line, Crashlock & 4 Corner Cartons Max Carton blank 1100mm Minimum open box width: 106 mm Minimum open box length: 1100 mm Maximum open box length: 850 mm Maximum open box wid...
KOHMANN   F1350/2 Window Patchers
Kategorie: Window Patchers
Automatic Window Patcher Max carton blank width : 1330 mm Min carton blank width : 80 mm Max window size : 720 x 980 mm Min window sise : 50 x 30mm Max speed : 1050 p/min Max...
Asahi Cartonmaster AP 1020 Flachbettstanzmaschinen
Kategorie: Flachbettstanzmaschinen
Max sheet Size 740 X 1,020 mm Die Cutting Size 730 X 1,020 mm Thickness 0.1 – 3 mm Corrugate Board up to 5 mm A flute Speed 6,000 SPH Max Pressure 250 Tons Stream Feeder, Fron...
Heidelberg T-Platen Flachbettstanzmaschinen
Kategorie: Flachbettstanzmaschinen
HEIDELBERG T- PLATEN (10 x 15”) YEAR 1961 (serial no T131629E) # SIZE 25 x 38 CM (10 x 15 Inches) TWO CHASES # USED FOR PRINTING + CUTTING + CREASING IN GOOD WORKING COND...
Bobst SP 102 E Evoline Flachbettstanzmaschinen
Kategorie: Flachbettstanzmaschinen
max. size 1020 x 740 mm, min. 400 x 350 mm, stripping station, centerline, non-stop-manual delivery, pull site lay mark left, push site lay mark right, electric double sheet control, machine...