Benutzte Karton / Verpackung Maschinen

Wupa PS 3.3 Flachbettstanzmaschinen
Kategorie: Flachbettstanzmaschinen
WUPA PS 3.3 die cutter 1982 year Max size 720 x 1020 Min size 350 x 400 Production speed 8 000 cycles / h 260 tons pressure Stripping still in operating
Bobst DOMINO 100-M Folder Gluers
Kategorie: Folder Gluers
BOBST DOMINO 100-M FOLDER GLUER 1982 Maximum open blank width – 1000 mm Straight Line Automatic crash lock bottom Gluing on disc 4 gluing points
Bobst SP 102 E Flachbettstanzmaschinen
Kategorie: Flachbettstanzmaschinen
2 open form holding chases 1 5mn plate 2 superior stripping frames 2 inferior stripping frames Stripping...
ILLIG RVP 54  Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine Converting Equipment
Kategorie: Converting Equipment
automatic roll-fed Vacuum-pressure former for roll material, with two movable tool tables and chained hole punch station, used for Pos./Neg.-forming form surface max. 500 X 380 mm maximu...