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Casing Inn machine with pressing station Hardcover Buchproduktion
Kategorie: Hardcover Buchproduktion
PT 600 Casing Inn System (2013), automatic book block feeder, automatic cover feeder, automatic spine heating device, automatic casing in and book block gluing, automatic book delivery, full...
Technograf Complete set of Hard Cover machines Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
1.SEWING MACHINE - TECNOGRAF AX MODULEMin sheet size: 90 x 110Max sheet size: 400 x 460Max Number of sewing Stitches: 11Stitch length: 18 mmMax machine speed: 53 cycles / hour2.CORNER CUTTI...
Tecnograf Easy Tower Plus Miscellaneous
Kategorie: Miscellaneous
Only 20,000 Cases max speed 700/hr Min book size 100x100mm Max Book Size: 350mm x 420mm Min thickness 6mm Max Thickness: 70mm Measuring table Manual Book Block Feeder Automatic Hoppe...