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 RIMA  STACKER Corrugated Board Equipment
Kategorie: Corrugated Board Equipment
Compensating Counter Stacker Model - RS 1012S Roller Delivery
Kategorie: Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
Rima RS 1410 Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
Kategorie: Zusammentragmaschine - Sammel hefter
We are pleased to offer: RIMA Stacking Model RS 1410 Year 2007 Good working order Available immediately Inspection Possible Located in the UK
Rima RS-1212S Stacker Stackers
Kategorie: Stackers
Mail Ready, Townsort Feature
Rima RS 3111 SL Stackers
Kategorie: Stackers
Rima RS 3111 SL (1999), infeed station with jogging belts, pressing station with non-marking belts, incline conveyor, alignment chamber, movable central control panel, outfeed table with air...
RIMA   RS-1012S Stackers
Kategorie: Stackers
Compensating Counter Stacker, Roller Delivery,