Benutzte Multigraf Maschinen

Multigraf Eurofold 235.122 Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
Complete and in good working conditions
Multigraf FoldMaster Falzmaschinen
Kategorie: Falzmaschinen
age 2005 friction feeding system with blowers 2 folding pockets following knife shaft noise absorbing hood stream delivery mobile sub-frame Please ask for price. We ship and inst...
Multigraf C375 Nut- und Perforiermaschinen
Kategorie: Nut- und Perforiermaschinen
Feeder system : suction or manual feeder Feeder capacity 100 mm Paper size minimum 105 x 148 mm Paper size maximum375 x 660 mm, standard375 x 1050 mm, table extension Paper stocks crea...