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Benutzte Bourg Maschinen

Bourg BST-10 Zusammentragmaschinen
Kategorie: Zusammentragmaschinen
1997 - Bourg BST 10 (Ref.No. 1003074) Delivery: Sofort Equipment: 10 Stations with air
Bourg Bourg Booklet Maker Broschürenfertigungssysteme
Kategorie: Broschürenfertigungssysteme
10 station flat sheet collator Stitch unit Fold unit Trim unit Delivery
CP BOURG BB3002 Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
Counter : about 800 thousand books; Electronic control of the entire workflow only on the touch screen, without knobs and buttons; The machine sets itself automatically adapting to differen...
Bourg BB3002 EVA+BBR Bindemaschine
Kategorie: Bindemaschine
BOURG COLOUR PRESS Model: BB3002 EVA+BBR Age: c.2005 Serial Number: 613000166 Equipped With:- Speed Maxi: 650 cycles/hour- 350 books/hour Cover size: mini 100 x 201 mm- maxi 38...
Bourg BB 3002 Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
Automatic self setting binder CP BOURG BB 3002 EVA year 2013 n°613001016 - Number of books at the counter : 18.459 ONLY ! (coming from a bank) Full Color touch sensitive screen, 99 progra...
Bourg BB 3102 Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
Max book size: 38,5 x 38 cm, Nordson PUR system, Bourg BBL book block loader to load up to 120 books for binding, Continues book bock feeder, Speed ca. 400 books per hour, Automatic variable...
Bourg BB3000 perfect binder Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
Bourg BB 3000 semi automatic perfect binder with dust free milling, automatic transport, hot glue, automatic vacuum feeder and automatic pressing of the cover. Technical details Min. si...
CP Bourg BB 3002 Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
Automatic self setting binder CP BOURG BB 3002 year 2008 n°613000438, Full Color touch sensitive screen, 99 programs memories, 3-cylinder glue tank, self-adjusting side gluing devic...
CP BOURG BT-12 Zusammentragmaschinen
Kategorie: Zusammentragmaschinen
automatic friction tower collator CP BOURG BOURG TOWER BT12 of 1992 model 10912/3 n°123159, 12 bins, on casters, with computerized control, for A5 to SRA3 size electronical control panel...
CP BOURG BB3000 Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
automatic hotl melt binder CP BOURG BB3000 of 1996 n°68010.0009 production up to 500 books per hourf and toolless changeover for production of books up to 45 mm width and up to 385 mm len...
BOURG   3002 EVA WITH BBL Klebebinder
Kategorie: Klebebinder
2016 Bourg Book Loader Model BBL, Pile Fed Cover Feeder, Spine Preparation with Waste Extraction, Single Clamp Perfect Binder with EVA Hotmelt, Bourg Book Reception module Model BB...

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