Speedsetter VM 2

Manufacturer: Xanté
Model: Rip-It Speedsetter VM2
Year:: 2006
Additional Machine Details:
Xante Speedsetter VM 2
SpeedSetter® VM PlateSetters- The SpeedSetter® VM is a 2-up, internal drum platesetter that delivers good ®
production at an affordable price. The VM combines a very small spot size with accurate registration which allows
you to quickly produce quality, violet metal plates (to suit common 2-up portrait and landscape presses) at a
resolution of 2540 dpi and linescreens over 200 lpi.
VM2 (2-up)
• 19 (13.3"/337.8 mm wide) plates per hour
• Max plate size: 20.88" x 19.88" (530 mm x 505 mm)
• 2540 dpi, 200 lpi
Including Developing machine
Mechanical Condition:
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