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HEIDELBERG SM XL 106-6-P+LX4 - 18K!! - 2013 - LIKE NEW!

Category: Sheet Fed
Manufacturer: Heidelberg
Model range: SM XL 106
Colours: 6
Year: 2013

Additional Machine Details:

XL 106-6-P+LX4 18K

Year: 2013
Imprints: 17 mio.
Condition: Super
Availability: March 2020

Maximum production speed: 18.000 sheets/h

Mandatory Equipment P+L UV
• Preset Plus delivery with four extension modules (320 cm for X4 at CX 102 / 376 cm for X4 at XL 106)
• UV Preparation for extended delivery
• Basic Equipment UV (UV preparation printing unit) including screened ink fountain roller, ink
mist extraction, radiation guard in the printing unit, preparation for interdeck drying, UV- metering pumps. Inking unit-, blanket cylinder- and impression cylinder wash-up device for UV inks and dampening roller for UV
• UV preparation for the coating unit - Pressurized chambered blade with UV coating unit preparation, last coating unit, includes UV-resistant hoses, UV coating blanket and one of the standard tri-helical engraved anilox rollers 12 cm3/m2; the following rollers are available: 10 cm3/m2 or 15 cm3/m2 or 18 cm3/m2. Screen rollers are not possible. Mandatory equipment for LYYL resp. UV
• DryStar Combination UV for Preset Plus delivery, CANopen, end-of-the-press dryer for UV, conv. inks or varnishes, water-cooled, incl. 1 IR/hot-air slide-in modules, 1 hot-air slide-in module, with efficient round nozzle system, peripheral zone compensation (IR) and automatic format adjustment hot air and dryer automatic, 2 UV-lamps variable from 80 to 200 Watt/cm, Electronic Lamp Control (ELC), URS-Reflector, the much higher performance made possible by additional URS reflectors on the shutters enables a reduction from 3 UV lamps to 2 UV lamps while providing the same power output, Fast Lamp Change (FLC), 1 cold air slide-in module and cold air generator for temperatures as of 18°C, heat exchanger, coolable sheet guide plate, delivery exhaust air extraction, temperature measurement of pile surface. This dryer must be operated with the Dry Star Advanced software which is automatically delivered and invoiced when placing the order
• UV interdeck dryer, CANopen, water-cooled, stepless variable from 80 to 200 W/cm. 1 UV lamp per interdeck dryer, Electronic Lamp Control (ELC), Fast Lamp Change (FLC), URS reflectors
• Ink rollers for Standard and UV-inks per printing unit
• Saphira Blanket Pro UV 1000 – Metal-edged blanket for fast blanket change and precise
tightening (for UV inks)
• Narrow gallery (drive side) - not in combination with raised version
• CleanStar Compact
• AirStar air Pro, supply cabinet, water-cooled, with compact, energy-saving blower technology;
energy-saving cascade connection and electronic speed control for the redundant turbo radial
fans; low process air temperatures, hence little impact on the pressroom climate
• CoatingStar, CANopen, coating supply device, 1000 l/h, appropriate for all types of coating incl.
dispo, UV and highly viscous special coatings, incl. coating/washing water heating, automatic
washing programs, fresh water connection, remote control
• CombiStar, CANopen, combination unit for dampening solution supply and inking unit
temperature control, water-cooled, incl. alcohol measurement/metering device AlcoSmart, dampening additive-metering device Fluidos, Softflow filter for dampening solution filtration, conductivity measurement for dampening solution, intermediate tank, rotary joints, effective distributors, hosing, with separate fountain roller temperature control
• PowderStar AP 500 Duo powder sprayer by Weko, high-end powder sprayer with AP roller-type metering module and new ARX powder spray tube. For powdering from the top and bottom, especially for perfecting presses. Innovative nozzle geometry and a higher number of nozzles for more effective powdering. CAN connection to Prinect Press Center. Includes an ionizing device at the powder spray tube.
• "Press Center DryStar Advanced Press Center DryStar Advanced is a software option for the adjustment of dryer parameters on all Heidelberg DryStar dryers directly from the control console of the printing press. The time required for the adjustment and the setup phase in case of repeat jobs is thus minimized.
• "Press Center Instant Start The software option Press Center Instant Start permits the reduction of waiting times and setup times during blanket and impression cylinder washup on printing presses with interdeck dryers (IR/UV).
• Plain steel jackets for all impression cylinders after the perfecting device

50/60 Hz press, is always delivered as press wired for 50 Hz and can be converted to 60 Hz requiring only a few assembly operations. Press version for countries/regions with 50 Hz mains frequency and with the option to also operate this press at 60 Hz mains frequency, e.g. after its resale

Wallscreen Hardware, screen in original sheet width, integrated into the protection board against external light of the Prinect Press CenterTM, for displaying colored and animated process and status graphs of the press and the color measuring devices, displaying color separation data and the entire print image, accessing and displaying management and prepress data of Prinect products and data of external customer applications (via the printing house network). Please order the Wallscreen Application license separately! A daylight lamp with protection board against external light must be available.

Pull lay double sheet detector, additional double sheet detector integrated into the pull lay to supplement the ultrasonic double sheet detector. Required for processing multilayer printing materials. The self-calibrating device can be conveniently activated at the control console
Electromechanical stream control with several elements (to be positioned across the sheet width) for identifying local irregularities in the shingle stream, e.g. paper scraps, dog-ears or embedded wood particles. Convenient operation with central height adjustment
Ad.sheet travel for stream control

Preparation for interdeck drying incl. supply for cooling water, power and air, protective box, attachment for the interdeck dryer, adjustable guide straps and radiation protection
AutoPlate XL

CombiStar Pro CANopen (water-cooled) – energy-saving combination device for dampening solution and inking unit temperature control with a central cooling unit. Integrated into a dust-protected, water- cooled cabinet along with the central dampening solution supply and the Filter Star dampening solution filtration system. Precise alcohol metering with AlcoSmart and fine metering of the dampening solution additive with Digidos, fresh water connection, softflow filter for dampening solution filtration, conductivity measurement in the process water and dampening solution, intermediate tank, rotary unions and hoses, integration into the control station and Remote Service capability via CANopen
Separate ink agitator, recommended for UV equipment, cannot be combined with InkStar (Oxydry)
Ink mist extraction, special inking unit guard on feeder side of printing unit with integrated filter fleece and air blower for the extraction of ink mist. Closed inking unit guard on the delivery side of the printing unit. Tool free change of the filter fleece
2 complete separate wash-up solvent supplies in the inking unit for the blanket-, impression cylinder- and inking unit wash up device, for UV- and conventional print application; this makes the selection of the optimum solvents for either application possible

Automatic non-stop delivery with universal system and rack (For label and commercial printers working frequently with racks). The minimum sheet size changes to 440 x 600 mm when the Automatic non-stop system in the delivery is being used. The minimum sheet size remains unchanged If the Automatic non- stop is not being used
Kit for thin substrates and machines with perfecting unit to process thin papers and foils. It consists of several modifications on feeder, delivery and the sheet guides in the printing units. These modifications assure the optimal processing of thin substrates

Prinect Inpress Control with 2 measuring bars for perfecting presses as of P5, spectrophotometric inline color measuring system for measurement and adjustment of the quality control strip and the press register, including manual spectrophotometer and Dipco package.

Additional second coating circulation unit incl. additional CoatingStar, CANopen, coating supply device, 1000 l/h, appropriate for all types of coating incl. dispo, UV and highly viscous special coatings, incl. coating/washing water heating, automatic washing programs, fresh water connection, remote control, incl. pipework, hosing and coating tray
Multi Loader – screen roller storage system (revolver system) for up to 4 screen rollers with integrated crane ensures a fast and convenient change of screen rollers with only one operator. Screen rollers can be placed in storage during production

Foil printing kit; special accessory for foil printing consisting of: special forwarding suckers for reduced marking with sensitive materials, rear edge blowers with air slits at the feed table, hold-down rods with rollers, one sheet travel sensor per printing and coating unit and the StaticStar Advanced static electricity eliminator

Mechanical Condition:

Offer Details:

Sheet Size: B1 (100 cms/40")
Number of impressions: 17 millions
Coater: Yes
Has UV: Yes
Has Perfecting: Yes
Perfector Position: 6+0 - 5+1