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Auction type: Online Auction
Auction held by: Thomas Auctions
Categories: Bindery and Finishing, Digital Presses, Miscellaneous, Web

Sanden 8 Color Press Model Quantum 1250 (New 2008), 24" Web Width, 22.75" Cylinders, w/ KTI Roll Infeed/Spicer #LS2750-10, S/N 2391 (2004), Web Infeed Unit, Prime UV (8 UV Lights Currently 3 Lights Installed), Turnbar Between 4th & 5th Print Units, Quadtech Silicone Coater Station, CC1 Station, Royse Central Circulation System, 90 Degree Turn Station, ESS Sheeter,Didde Pile Delivery Model 296-775, ESS Robot Stacker Palletizer Delivery

Sanden Processing Line Model V1200, S/N 852 w/ KTI Roll Infeed/Splicer, Avery Denison Labeler #ALS204 (2012), (3) Die Cutting Stations, Cross Perf, Sheeter, Pile Delivery, Remote Console

Aquaflex Flexographic Printing Press Model BXX1307, S/N HMMFP13175-92 (New 1992), 13", Roll Feed Stand w/ Fife #CSP-01 Edge Guide, Web Tension Controls, 8 Print Stations, IR Drying, 1 Overhead Die Cut Station, 3 Inline Die Cut Stations, Slitter Station, Labelaire Label Applicator #3115NV-1500

Dick Moll Pocket Folder Glue System Model 26-48-4273CE, S/N BF1087-33-15 (New 2015), w/ Moll Friction Feed Unit, Moll Delivery Table, ITW Dynatech Dyna Mini Hot Glue System w/ 2 Heads

Horizon Rotary Die Cutter Model RD-4055DM, S/N 039302 (New 2003) w/ Horizon Flat Feeder Unit #FFU-4055, Horizon Separator #SPC-4055

Horizon Rotary Die Cutter Model RD-4055DM, S/N 020008 (New 2002) w/ Horizon Flat Feeder Unit #FFU-4055, Horizon Separator #SPC-4055, Delivery Conveyor

Ricoh Pro C7100 Digital Print System (New 2015), Color

Kluge Die Cutter Model EHD14X22, S/N R52EHD1466276 w/ Kluge Hot Foil Stamp

Dick Moll Glu-Bind Premailer S/N 456 w/ Heidelberg Stahl Pile Feed Unit #FFH-66, S/N FH.HBB0-00333 (2005), Heidelberg #SSP-66.D S/N FH.EJD0-00251 (2005), Glu-Bind Quadra-Plex Glue Controller

Norton Spiel Punch Model 3120 S/N 312096135, Manual Feed Station, Pile Delivery

Paragon Variable Data Print System w/ Straight Shooter Friction Feeder #C20, MCS Array Imaging System w/ 4 Print Heads, Computer Control, Transport Base and Delivery Table

Duplo System 5000 Collator Model DC-10/60, S/N 040500327, 10 Pocket w/ Duplo System 4000 Stacker

Horizon Perf Slit Score Machine Model VP-66

Aztech DM4013 Rewind/Processing Line w/ Roll Feed, Accuweb Web Guide Tension Control, Variable Data Code Printing w/ (4) MCS Array Imaging Heads, Die Cut Stations, Sheeter, Delivery Conveyor

Polar Mohr Paper Cutter Model 115E, S/N 7134292 (New 2001), Air Bed Table, Light Safety Curtain

Polar Mohr Paper Cutter Model 115EMC, S/N 5431313 (New 1984), Air Bed Table, Light Safety Curtain

Polar Mohr Paper Cutter Model 76EM, S/N 6061067 (New 1990), Air Bed Table

Polar Mohr Jogger Model RB5, S/N 5681128

Saber Paper Cutter Model S-137, S/N 13769, Air Bed Table, Light Safety Curtain

(2) Straub Labeller Model Proface-T646WI, 3 Head, Proface PLC Control, Friction Feed

Scott 10,000 Index Tab Machine

KTI Web Roll Infeed Splicer w/ Overhead Roll Hoist

Akebona Strapper Model OB-360, S/N 12012961303, Bench Type

Samuel Strapping Machine Model P710 w/ Roller Feed and Delivery Conveyor

Heidelberg Score Slit Perf Unit #MWS-66, (New 2005)

(3) Original Heidelberg Windmill Press, 15" x 18" & 12” x 15”

Interpack Carton Sealer Model USA2024-SB

Strapack Automatic Strapping Machine Model RQ-8AFB4, (New 2015)

Challenge 3 Spindle Paper Drill Model MS-5

Challenge 3 Spindle Paper Drill Model EH-3A

(2) Advent Hole Punch/Die Cut Machine Model MDCHP, Pile Feed

(2) Miehle Vertical Die Cutter, Multi Sheet Detector

Texwrap L-Seal Packaging Machine Model T2215L, S/N T2215-094, PLC Control, Manual Load Collating Conveyor, Lantech Heat Shrink Tunnel #ST700 (New 2012)

Shanklin L-Seal Packaging Model F-5A, S/N F9632 w/ Allen Bradley PLC Control

Eastey L-Seal Packaging Machine Model EM281K, S/N 147028TPPPK (New 2003) w/ Lantech Heat Shrink Tunnel #ST700 (New 2008)

Eastey L-Seal Packaging Machine Model EM16FM S/N 08716EMPPT (New 1994) w/ Eastey Heat Shrink Tunnel

Lantech Rotary Stretch Pallet Wrapper Model Q Series, Variable Speed Controls, 4' x 6' Weightronix Digital Weigh Scale

(2) 3M-Matic Case Sealer Model 700R (New 1998)

JLG Manlift Model 20MSP, S/N 0130014536, Max Capacity 400 lb, Electric

Crown Electric Stand Up Forklift Model 5200 Series, Side Shift

Toyota LPG Forklift Model 42-6FGCU25, S/N 69114, Triple Mast, Side Shift, Roll Clamp

(2) Crown Electric Pallet Jack Model WP2335-45, 4,500 Lb Cap
Quincy Rotary Screw Air Compressor Model QSB25ANA22SQ, S/N 94436H, 25 HP, Mounted on Horizontal Receiver Tank

Much More!! Too Much to List!!

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