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Categories: Bindery and Finishing, Label and Narrow Web, Packaging and Converting

Saddle Binders, Inserters, Folders, Packaging Machines, Balers, Air Compressors, RTO Unit, Forklifts, Plant Support, including:

Muller Bravo-T Saddle Sticher, S/N MMZ0-03996/MMEZ322871 (New 2000), 4-Pocket

Muller Prima Saddle Stitcher (New 1994), 4-Pocket

Stahl Heidelberg Folder Model RD2-78, S/N GH.FAEA/00186 (New 2004), 4/4/4

MBO Folder Model B30, S/N P01/30, 4/4/4

(2) MBO Air Knife Folders Model Z2, S/N 3685 & 80264

Challenge Drill Model MS-10A, S/N 38394

Gammerler Trimmer Model RS114/530, S/N 1422/6041

Gammerler Trimmer Model RS113/530, S/N 686-2680

CTM Integration Label Applicator, Model 360-3-00-00-0-00, 360 Series

Simproducts Card Feeder Model CF550, S/N 05-5846

US Paper Counters Paper Counter Model Bantam-1, S/N 870072 (New 2012)

Muller Inserter Model 335 (New 1992), 4-Pocket

Muller Inserter Model 301 (New 1996), 12-Pocket

Muller Inserter Model 300 (New 1992), 12-Pocket, In-Line Tipping Approx

Arpac Packaging Machine Model 55GI-20CX, S/N 5402

Shanklin L-Seal Packaging Machine Model F5A, S/N F9856

And Much More!! Too Much to List!!

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Start Date/time: 2020-07-24 00:00
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