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Categories: Bindery and Finishing, Miscellaneous, Sheet Fed, Web

Heidelberg 5-Color Sheet Fed Printing Press Model MOF+L, S/N 610837

Heidelberg Web Printing Press Model HD-WEB, S/N 402-193

Didde 12-Color Web Press Model 333-625, S/N 479-0034

Hamada 700CD 2-Color Printing Press Model HMD 471, S/N 88462 03-05

Polar Cutter Model 137 ED, S/N 6741021

Polar Cutter Model 92 EMC, S/N 5411265

Polar Paper Lift Model LL-600-K-3, S/N 7073013

Seybold Cutter Model OLB-S, S/N 6382-1

Brackett Paper Jogger Model JM-216, S/N 12011

MBO Continuous Feed Folder Model B26-S-1-26/4, S/N U03/24

(3) MBO Continuous Feed Folder Model B23, S/N E04/10, E05/50, F5/04

MBO Continuous Feed Folder Model T49-1-49/4, S/N K04/52

MBO Pile feed Folder Model A76-DC, S/N L-04Z21

(2) Robatech Fugitive Glue system , S/N 139648, 134591

Duplo System 4000 Booklet Maker Model DBM-400, S/N 030301536

Horizon Booklet Maker Model SPF-11, S/N 126025

(2) MailQuip MailPro Inkjet Variable Data Print System Model SMBMQ, S/N 16030. 16013

MCS Printstation Pro 600 Inkjet Variable Data Print System, S/N A-19322

Kodak CTP Machine Model TST, S/N TT1309

(2) SeCap Jet 1 Tabber Model STD, S/N 0908-578, 0204-138

Kirk Rudy Tabber Model 535-CS, S/N 0608 1347

(3) Kodak 125 Digimaster Digital Press Model F147000, S/N TUB00001, KHH00095, KHH2072

(2) Kodak Digimaster EX300 Digital Press Model F147000, S/N XDX00007, X1X04109

Canon Imagepress Digital Press Model C7011VP, S/N QZU00539

Ricoh Aticio Copier Model MPC2500-RM, S/N C87006490

(3) Phillipsburg Inserter, 6-Pocket Model 7200-6

KAS Mailmaster 465 Inserter, 8-Pocket

Bell and Howell Mailstar Inserter, 6-Pocket, S/N 0099140

Phillipsburg Inserter, 4-Pocket Model 387P3H28-180

Bell and Howell Mailcrafters 7800 Inserter, 6-Pocket Model 98L-6, S/N 950802752


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Country: United States
Start Date/time: 2020-07-27 00:00
End Date/time: 2020-08-18 13:00
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