Roto Smeets: second auction. Online auction due to Bankruptcy

Auction type: Online Auction
Auction held by: Netbid
Categories: Bindery and Finishing, Mailing/Inserting/Addressing, Miscellaneous, Pre-press and Press Control Systems, Web

K410 lots including:

BA TR 7 B rotogravure web fed printing press
Cerutti R 335 rotogravure web fed press (22)
Cerutti R 135 rotogravure web fed press (21)
Cerutti R 135 rotogravure web fed press (20)
Wifac bzw. Müller Martini paper conveyor system (press 20)
Müller Martini paper conveyor system (press 22)
Geurtsen paper conveyor system
Müller Martini 03510434 turning and distribution station
Müller Martini Tempo 22 gang-stitching system
Müller Martini Robusto 0451.400 compensating stacker
Müller Martini gang-stitching system
Blackware Inkjet adressing system
Buhrs 4000 mailing line
Ferag SNT 480 rotary cutter
Müller Martini rotary cutter line
Schneider SO 2004.1Q bundling unit
Tripal palletizing system
Eltex RVG71 Electrostatic pressure supports
GrafiKontrol CR9/CR8/CR12 Color Register Systems
Celio Ink mixing and dosing systems
Paper stock of >500T Rotogravure printing paper
spare parts and paperstock

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Auction details

Country: Netherlands
Start Date/time: 2020-03-03 00:00
End Date/time: 2020-03-31 10:00
Timezone: W. Europe Standard Time