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Muller Martini Grapha progress 20"

Manufacturer: Muller Martini
Model: Grapha progress 20"
Year of manufacture: 1986
Press Location: Europe
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details::

Müller Martini – Grapha Progress 20”
Built: 1986, added Dan Mekano Equipment in 1999
Max Paper width: 500 mm
Max. Speed: 250 meter/min
Electrical Specifications: 380 V / 3-phase / 50 Hz, ca 125 Amp.

1 Unwind Unit.
In feed Unit 1270mm (50”) Diameter, 70mm shaft diameter,
2 adapters for 6” diameter, E + L Web guide,
insetter for 2nd web path, Dan Mekano ”de-curler”.

4 Printing Units type 2038.
Wet offset printing units, with conventional rollers, variable when changing of cassettes (2 cylinder cassettes), dampening system (Dahlgren type), Technotrans Central Circulation Unit with cooling of ink rollers, disconnection of printing units with the gearbox, manual ink roller cleaning system.

2 sets of turn bars
Turn bars placed horizontally between printing units 1 / 2 and between 2 / 3, fixed mounting with compressed air and operation of the turning roller.

4 format cassettes
Wet offset printing cassetets (2 cylinders), 24” circumference.

1 format cassette
Wet offset printing cassette (2 cylinder), 17” circumference.

1 Numbering Unit
Numbering unit, 24” circumference, type Atlantic Zeiser.

1 Process Unit
2 Archive Hole Devices with a large amount of utilities and variations.
1 Formaliner station Line hole punching station with 4 sets of rings
(single-double-single), Dan Mekano hardmetal punch and die.
2 Crossperforation stations, variable equipped with
2 pcs 24” (12”-8”-6”-4”-2”) cylinders and 1 pcs 17” cylinder.
1 Lengths perforation and lengths cutting station with perforation holder.

1 Folder
Zig-Zag folder variable when changing of format gear with possibilities
for 12”, 8 1/2”, 8” and 6” folding including deliveryband and
compensating deliverytable.

1 Rewinding Unit
Rewinding unit complete for 1270mm (50”) diameter paper rolls,
incl. shaft with 70mm diameter.

1 Sheeter
Dan Mekano Clean Cutter Vario (patented) with 2 double cuts per round (scissor cut) for cutting 2 x A4 (DIN), 2 x 12” or 1 x 24”, Web width max 21,5” with the possibility also for cut lengths between 8" and 25 "when changing the format gear (1 piece 24" incl.) with 1/3 "or 1/4" gear pitch.

1 Delivery Unit
Dan Mekano Multi Stacker continous delivery system, PLC controlled,
Double stream production with batcher stacker

Other Equipment:
1 Plate bender, additional sets of rubber rollers, 1 set miscellaneous spare parts
Serial tools and manuals

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Mechanical Condition:
Main Features
  • Machine Condition Options:
  • Checked,Good running order
  • Cut Off Search Range:
  • Greater than 600mm (>23.62")
  • Number of Units:
  • 4
  • Web Width:
  • 500
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  • Sold
  • Terms on which offered :
  • CIF (Cost Insurance Freight)
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