Horizon VAC-100

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Manufacturer: Horizon
Model: VAC-100
Year of manufacture: 2006
Press Location: Belgium
Serial Number: 83057-81520
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details:

Bookletmaker line HORIZON of 2006, 20 stations A3, including

1 tower VAC-100a n°083057 and 1 tower VAC-100c n°081520

Each is 10-bin rotary feed air-suction collato with Touch screen control console, colour display, Remote control,

Max bin pile height : 55 m,

max. sheet size (mm) : 350x500, Min. sheet size (mm) : 148x148,

production speed : 8000 sph,

Dimensions : 61x104x270 cm, Net weight : 290 kg (each)

With 2 compressors VAC 100 Air Pump (16 kg each)

Life counter : 9918800

+ paper jogger PJ-77 (driven by an independant motor, the paper jogger vibrates collated sheets into perfect alignment, even NCR paper - for sizes 148x210 mm to 318x470 mm, pile height : 90 mm, dimensions : 49x40x46 cm, weight 40 kg)

+ in-line stitching & folding unit SPF-20A n°137005

with 2 HÖHNER standard stitching heads + 2 HÖHNER 48/5S for loop stitching

Stitching the collated sheets and folding the set in half to form booklets,

Max thickness : 4 mm (stitching only) / 2 mm (stitch & fold),

sheet size from 120x180 mm to 350x500 mm,

finish size from 90x120 mm to 250x350 mm,

stitch distance : 73-160 mm,

standard wire diameter 0.5 mm,

production speed : max.3200 booklets/h (A4/finish),

power consumption : 450 W,

dimensions : 271x81x110 cm,

weight : 490 kg

+ FC-20A n°060001 fore-edge Trimmer

book size (before trim) from 90x120 mm to 250x350 mm,

finish size from 85x120 mm to 250x350 mm,

trimming lenght max. 20 mm,

trimming thickness max. 4 mm (50 sheets of 60 gsm),

production speed : max.3200 booklets/hour,

power consumption : 200 W,

dimensions : 61x81x107 cm,

weight : 240 kg

counter : 2,188 millions cycles

+ long belt delivery LC-20 n°061010
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