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MAN -Roland Roto 55, 4-colour web-offset press with a 630mm cut-off size

Manufacturer: MAN
Model: -Roland Roto 55, 4-colour web-offset press with a 630mm cut-off size
Location: Europe
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details:: MAN-Roland Rotoman 55, 4-colour web-offset press with a 630mm cut-off size, maximum web width of 965mm and a maximum production speed of 55,000 cylinder revolutions per hour. Direction of web travel, viewed from operator side, right-to-left with former facing direction of web travel. The machine comprises:MAN Roland Paper feed , manual reel- loading, reel preparation station including weighing terminal DWT11, manual loading trolley and ca.5 metre-long railsMegTec DLC 2100 single-web reelstand with integrated infeed suitable for various web widths1 QualiRoll Paper Management system (independent system ) suitable for a MegTec reelstand incl. PC with operating screen, software printer and barcode readerMAN infeed unit including web guide with automatic adjustable search facility, including web severer and spreader rollerWebbing-up system from reel to web slitting mechanism folder turner bars (straight-on web)4 - MAN-Roland blanket-to-blanket printing units with automatic plate change, shaftless drive1 - Oxy-Dry blanket wash system for 4 blanket-to-blanket printing units1 - Fountain solution processing unit Technotrans Delta.d200 with coarse filter between tanks FZT/P 200/4 including dosing as well as software interface and alcohol stabiliser from Unisensor Type Alcoprint 20001 MAN Roland/Technotrans ink supply system suitable for 4 blanket- to- blanket printing units1 QuadTec colour register control system suitable for 4+4 colours installed in the folder1 Web catcher and rewind device1 single pass Vits hotair dryer with integrated afterburner Type Vits Sirius OTS/10/1 with a length of approximately 10 metres1 MAN-Roland chillroll group with 5 chilling rollers and 2 cooling circuits1 Chillroll cleaning device MAN Roland/BaldwinThe full width path rollers located after the re-moisturiser up to the angle-bar knife are chromedFolder Type PFI/3-1 System 2:3:3 fully automatically adjustable, equipped with;- 2 section knife cylinder- 3 part pin and folder knife cylinder- 3 section jaw cylinder for the first cross fold- Not prepared for a second cross fold cylinder- With a product lead of the cross-folded copies under the quarter fold (3rd fold) products- Output for cross-folded products (3rd fold) quarter fold - With two length-folded products - The output from the (3rd fold) quarter fold products is in the opposite in the opposite direction of the web travel1 QuadTech automatic cut-off register control system1 Single web folder with silicon applicator, MAN Roland Weko Type WFG 1.4 with Erhardt und Leimer web guide for full width web for the slitting of the web into 2 ribbons with Length gluing and fold assist device. Manufactured by Planatol, Combijet 8 with 3 applicator head and adjustable for full web width via motors. (Photo 12) photos 14-171 Colour density control QuadTech, CCS Ribbon Control System with 2 MultiCam cameraOperation via monitorThe ribbon control equipment is mounted in folder superstructure1 Folder Type PFI/3-2 System 2:3:3 fully automatic, adjustable with a 2-unit knife cylinder, 3-section pin and folder tucker blade for a 3-unit jaw cylinder for the cross fold and an output for the cross-fold products, with 2 length fold devices (quarter fold/3 fold) and the delivery of the producrts to the outputs of the lower quarterfold/3rd fold device photos (18) (fold panel and A3 output; photos 21 and 22).1 Further folder 2, at a cylinder ratio of 1:3:3 located on the Main folder Huckepack for the production of 2 x 8 page head and spine, closed DIN A4 Posterfold, with single knife cylinder, with 3-pin and folder- jaw cylinder for the 1.cross fold with tape guide to the upper 3.Fold Photos 19 and 201 Vits Sheeter QRO 0.63 X 1.01 Mechanical and electrical drive system for Individual AC drive motors with each motors to drive:- Each double printing unit- The chillroll stand- The draw rolls to the folder angle bars- The former roller-
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