VITS Sirius OTS 1/10 X Hot Air Dryer with Afterburner

Manufacturer: VITS
Model: Sirius OTS 1/10 X Hot Air Dryer with Afterburner
Location: Other
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details:: Heatset VITS Sirius OTS 1/10 X 1 Hot-Air drier with integral thermal afterburner.

Suitable for drying both sides of web on coated or uncoated paper

Drying length: 10 metres

Drier length: 10.3 metres

Web width: 965mm

Number of webs: 1

Web speed of original press: 9.63 m/s gsm

Maximum drier temperature: 300 ?C

Printing substrate: Heatset/Offset

Web weight on original press: 30 120 gsm

Integrated after burner conforms to EN 1539, maximum permissible loading 10 g/m

Drier dimensions: Length 10.5 metres x width 2.5 metres x height 3.4 metres

Cubicle dimensions : Length 3 metres x width 0.6 metres x height 2.2 metres

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