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Manufacturer: Tauler
Year of manufacture: 2005
Location: Belgium
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details:: B1 automatic laminating machine TAULER PRINTLAM 75 CTI of 2005 n°080526, size 75x105 cm, with compressor and deshumidifier

The Printlam CTI 75 is a well sized solution, for a single operator use. It is adapted for medium and big runs, such as printing houses. Sheet to sheet laminating machine using thermal technology. The Printlam CTI 75 incorporates an innovative system of plastic laminated sheet separation and cutting system, requiring a minimum adjustment to use.
Main Advantatges

√ Automatic. Maximum performance.
√ High speed. Improving response capacity.
√ Easy to use. Avoids operational and maintenance problems.
√ Time saving. Quick setup allows short job runs.
√ Single Operator. Optimized labour costs.
√ Added Value. Increase value from printing to finishing.
√ Ergonomic. Full operator functionality.
√ Profitable. Guaranteed return on Investment in a short time.
Main Features

√ Automatic sheet feed, through a pneumatic feeder head.
√ Automatic sheet registration and overlap system with frontal gates.
√ PLC operated machine.
√ Lateral brackets ensure right centring paper.
√ Photocell sensor to stop the machine in case of missing sheet feeding.
√ Pressure roller suitable for offset and digital printing.
√ Oil inside and sealed heated calander with electrical resistance.
√ Pneumatic pressure roller system.
√ Trim cutting system.
√ Speed controlled by frequency inverter.
√ Marker wheel to facilitate the sheet separation.
√ Compact and automatic cutting system, highly adjustable.
√ Roller scissors cutting system.
√ Decurling system.
√ Integrated vacuum pump.

Technical Data
CTI 75
Max. sheet size 750x1050 mm
Min. sheet size 200x250 mm
Max. speed 30 m / min
Max. production* 4.000 sheets / h*
Paper weight * from 110 g/m2 to 600 g/m2
Entry stack height 530 mm

Installed electrycal powe 9,2 kw
Power supply 400 V three-phase 50 Hz

* According to film, experience of operator and paper type, conditions, thickness and format .
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Main Features
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  • 080526
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