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Kongskilde air conveying system

Category: Materials and Waste Handling
Manufacturer: Kongskilde
Year: 2008

Additional Machine Details:

Kongskilde paper waist extractor designed for the graphic industry, with compactor, complete system with air filtering, etc. Is used in the business form and stationary printing industry. Complete with manuals. Waist bins not included! Still in use. Can ship worldwide. Functional description: The system is dimensioned for taking care of paper confetti and papers strips from 3 printing machines. 2 machines have chipper fans and one machine has a 2 blade multi cutter. Confetti and chipped strips are sucked out to a fan type MTD 35. The material passes through Bbzjfnj the fan wheel and goes on to the material separator type KU 10000. In the material separator separates paper from air and dust, through a perforated guide plate that makes the material to fall down in the pressing chamber of the compactor. Air and dust passes through the perforated guide plate with help of a smaller fan. The fan allows the dust and air to pass through the fan wheel and then blows the material into a filter Type KJPZ-2-HJLR. In the filter cleans the air from dust through filter bags type XT15. The filter is purified by regeneration fans blowing back an air stream into the filter. The dust falls then down to the bottom pocket where it accumulates in barrels. The return air enters the production space through 600x600channels. On the return channel is placed a summer/winter damper that allows to release the hot air during the summer. There is also a thermic damper on the return line. The damper dissolves and blocks the return channel if the temperature exceeds 76 degrees Celsius. In the end of the return line, two after filters are placed that take care of the finest dust. Material separator type KU 10000 including the following accessories Inlet: ?300 FK Outlet: ?400 FK Control damper Fan type MTD 35 including following accessories Motor 15kW, 3x400V, 50Hz Inlet: ?300 FK Outlet: ?300 FK Can be frequency controlled Fan type MTD 35 including following accessories Motor 4kW, 3x400V, 50Hz Inlet: ?400 FK Outlet: ?400 FK Can be frequency controlled Filter type KJPZ-2-HJLR including following accessories 2 regeneration fans 1,1kW Collection barrels Return conduit 600x600 Thermal damper type BS 600x600 Sommer/Winter damper type S/V 600x600 The filter can be expanded into several modules The filter can be raised and lowered Max load: 120m3/m2/h Load during normal operation: 38,23 m3/m2/h Load on cleaning: 76,47 m3/m2/h Explosion relief doors Multicutter 2-blades including following accessories Motor 0,75kW, 3x400V, 50Hz Inlet: ?160 OK Outlet: ?160 OK Electrical cabinet for control of following components Filter: 2 x 1,1kW Fan: 15kW Fan: 4kW Multicutter 0,75kW Microswitch on the filter doors Microswitch on thermal damper Signal for the pressure switch on the comprimator Signal for high level switch on the comprimator PLC Screw compactor type SP Container Volume: 30m3 Length: 6720mm Width: 42520mm Height: 2500mm