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Techno-Grafica EASY LINE

Manufacturer: Techno-Grafica
Year of manufacture: 2009
Location: Belgium
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details:: casing in machine TECNOGRAF EASY TOWER + EASY PRESS SR year 2009

The TOWER LINE is easy to use, compact and strong. It is equipped with an automatic cover feeder, a semi-automatic book block feeder (completely automatic solution available upon request), and an universal spine forming station for round and square back books. The gluing system is conventional: two rollers apply the (cold) glue on the end papers when the book is lift in the tower. The book case is positioned in the hopper feeder and automatically transferred to the register position with the book block. Once the casing-in operation is done, the blade delivers the book sidewise on a conveyor, where it will be transferred directly to the pressing unit.

Technical data
Book size min 100 mm x 100 mm (w x h)
max 350 mm x 420 mm (w x h)
Thickness min 6 mm
max 70 mm
Cycle speed approx. 400 books/hour
Electrical requirements approx. 15 kW
Machine weight approx. 3.200 kg
Floor space 3.000 mm x 4.000 mm (l x w)

Manual book block feeder
Automatic hopper feeder for book cases
Automatic case spine forming device
Automatic casing-in unit (cold glue)
Automatic book delivery
Automatic size adjustments
Connection to the pressing unit
Measuring table for quick data entry (TCS)

+ EASY PRESS SR – pressing and building-in unit N° 929/037 of 06/10/2009

Tension : 400 V 3Ph+N+PE 3,5 kw

Book (w x h) size min. 100 mm x 120 mm - max. 350 x 450 mm

Thickness . 3 - 70 mm

Setting of temperature, pressure and pressing time of the book

Setting of temperature, pressure and clamping time of the jaws

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