Wohlenberg Champion 8000

Manufacturer: Wohlenberg
Model: Champion 8000
Year of manufacture: 1998
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details: Type: Sprinter 7011, Gathering stations: 20, ACC-Control, criss cross delivery, hand feeding station, OptiControl, Compressors, Number of clamps: 28, Book Block feeder, 2nd Book Block feeder, Endsheet: Inlne Endsheet with HHS cold glue, Hotmelt spine gluing, Hotmelt side gluing, Cold glue: Coldglue for Spine gluing, Premelter, Gauzing, Cover feeder: rotary cover feeder, Nipping and Pressing station, 2nd Nipping and Pressing station, High Frequncy Drying: Strayfield, conveyor belts, Mechanical speed: 8.000 cycles/h, Book thickness: 62 mm, Max Block format range (width x height x thickness): 480 x 320 x 62 mm, Min. Block format range (width x height x thickness): 140 x 105 x 2 mm
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  • UX57678
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