Horizon BQ-270C

Manufacturer: Horizon
Model: BQ-270C
Year of manufacture: 2012
Location: Belgium
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details:: automated professional perfect binder HORIZON BQ-270C of 2012 n316008, size 320x320 cmm, to produce professional quality books with sharp, square spines, from the first book to last

10.4 inch color touchscreen

produce books up to 50 mm thick at a maximum speed of 500 cycles per hour

1 carriage clamp automatically adjusted to the input book thickness

milling section for the spine with rotary milling and roughening blades, adjustable milling depth from 0 to 3 mm

glue tank with dual application rollers and side gluing rollers (adjustable amount of glue and glue length through the color touchscreen)

nipping section

suction cover feeder, cover scoring, cover registration

delivery to a vertical stacker below the book loading station

double and miss detection

integrated 40 m3/h compressor

book size : Max. 320 x 320 mm

Mini. 148 x 105 mm

thickness from 2 sheets (1 mm) to 50 mm

cover weight from 80g to 300g/M

cover size : Max. 320 mm x 660 mm

Mini. 135 mm x 230 mm

cover pile height : max. 70 mm

warm-up time : 60 min.

production up to 5-max. 500 cycles/h.

counter : only 35550 books (on 29/11/18)
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