Shiva Manugraph 266LF

Manufacturer: Shiva
Model: Manugraph 266LF
Colours: 2
Year of manufacture: 1995
Press Location: United States
Impression Count (millions): 2
Sheet size (cm): 66X48
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details: 1995 Manugraph Shiva 266LF 19" x 26" - 2 Color Offset Printing Press
(2.82 million impressions) Similar to Solna 26" press
Electro-Sprayer Electro-Static Spray Powder System
Super-Blue Delivery Cylinder Shivamatic Continuous Dampener Wash-UP Devices (2)
Extra Set Ink Roller Cores (1) Extra Set Water Roller Cores (1) Water Circulation System Anti-Marking Transfer Covers Air Cushioned Feed Table
Set of Oil Pans
Packing Gauge
Pre-loading Trolley w/Air Bed
Sheet Decurler
Extra Set Blanket Bars (1)
Delivery Trucks (2)
Non-Stop Delivery
Ternes Plate/Film Register Punch System Running Register Each Unit
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Mechanical Condition:
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Dealer’s Reference Number : 35941

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