Ferag Stitching line 420

Manufacturer: Ferag
Model: Stitching line 420
Press Location: Europe
Machine Condition Options: Good running order
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details: 480 x 320mm; 30.000c/h;4 x MID-WS Unwinding stations; 4 x ZHF (siguture feeders);WMK station ( Card gluing device);SHT (gatherer stitcher drum); UTR delivery station;UTR-SNT gripper track;UTR SHT Delivery station;SNT (trimming drum); UTR-SNT transfer station; UTR-SNT gripper track to transfer unit- UTR-SNT delivery station;missing copy delivery station (UTR);EP station;VP station;HP station ETR Inserting drum.
Opition 2: MID AWS (unwind station);ZF SHT feeder;UTR gripper track to 4 x RAB insert feeders; 4 x VSS stations; gripper track to VP station- to ETR inserting drum
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Mechanical Condition:
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Date Available : Immediately

Dealer’s Reference Number : 22212

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