Cavalleri CT12 Syncro

Manufacturer: Cavalleri
Model: CT12 Syncro
Year of manufacture: 2010
Location: Other
Additional Machine Details:
Additional Machine Details:: CAVALLERI CT12 SYNCRO
Year: 2010

Span/reel breadth: 1.000 mm
Blade max passage: 1.050 mm
Reel max diameter: 1.020 mm
Min. size length: 200 mm
Max size length: 1.010 mm
Cut accuracy: 0.15 mm
Max speed: 175 cuts/min
Total electric absorption: 16 kWh
Max noise at load: < 85 dB/A

Model CT12 Syncro automatic cutting machine is designed to cut paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, embossed or not embossed papers for towels, Bristol boards, plastic films, aluminium, polypropylene, polyethylene, cellophane, coupled materials, adhesive papers, silicone paper, coated paper etc., from 10 to 250 gr/sm. (plastic films 200-220 micron)
Materials are cut directly from reel, forming perfect reams collected on a high pile collecting table.

The delivery includes:
N. 2 Unwinders for 1.020 mm max reel diameter and 1.050 mm web width, with the transversal register and Magnetic powder brake + brake control card + ?electronic diameter control by sensor.
Register control with reading through precision digital photocell;
Rotating cutting knife, mounted on strong bearing, with self-sharpening blades;
Squaring electrical control system.
Cut sheets are carried by conveyor belts and stacked the sheets (from 5 to 30) on a collecting drum.
Synchronized carrier takes the cut sheets from the drum, moves them and lays them down softly on a high pile collecting table. Perfect reams
are created by the high accuracy strike plates. ?
Motordriven collecting table with optical proximity scanner, for high accuracy levelling without manual intervention.
Upper and lower end-switches for high pile.
LCD control panel 5.7" touch screen
Machine with electronic variator with synchronized axis and cut length input from the control panel; by which it is possible to set cut lengths from 200 mm to 1010 mm., speed variation plus other information concerning the production.
4 control brushless motors, one for every part of the machine, independent but synchronised themselves, maintenance free and with an high accuracy.

- Sheeter, Cutter, Film, Board, Paper, Polymers
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